Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Birthday Wishlist

I'll be thirty-five (35!) in ten more days and may have gone slightly overboard with the gifts I've been giving myself. I've pretty much gifted myself a small terrace garden, and it's not come cheap! So I was sitting here ignoring deadlines and wondering what else I want for my birthday and here is my list:

1. I want the boys to stop growing. It's ridiculous that Rahul will be 11 and Beni 3 this year. I never gave them permission to grow.

2. I want my baby back. Beni was to be my last baby, my do-over, and instead he's become Rahul's disciple. Before his third birthday he lectures me on superheroes and does 'origami' for fun, exactly like Dada. It's not acceptable.

3. I want to look pretty. I mean, I've been wanting this for thirty years now, surely somebody can wave a magic wand and make this happen?

4. I want to travel, and I know a woman who earns only enough to pay the bills and has two kids to raise cannot afford such a luxury. Sue me, I want it anyway.

5. I want to visit my friends around the world and give them a quick, fierce hug. You all matter to me and I understand I'm a terrible friend for not keeping in touch better, but you all are a part of my life anyway.

6. I want Vicky to get younger. He's getting alarmingly old in his head, just got bifocals and no longer enjoys driving. I didn't sign up for this and I want it to change. He can age when I'm ready for him to age.

7. I want a beach within short driving distance of my house. Wtf Bangalore, couldn't you have organised this better? 7-8 hours by car is not short 'driving distance' and you need to look into this right away.

8. I want my new plants to survive. I'm looking at you, curry plant sapling with one green sprig and everything else shrivelled. Also you, jasmine cutting with two brave green leaves where none of your peers have any and show no ambition to grow any either. Begging you here, please survive me.

9. I want my car to grow magically bigger when I need it to. It can remain its current compact size at all other times, since it's about the right size for city traffic and city parking spaces.

10. I want my body to not give up on me. Please don't. I'm only 35 (and that not yet) and it's too young to be sick and sickly.

* Bonus wish: Not naming it, don't know if I'd have the courage to ask for it even (opportunity to ask arising) but I have been wishing for it for many years now and it's my extra wish for luck this year too.


Thinking Cramps said...

Loved this - especially the ones about not wanting loved ones to grow up /grow old! Anando needs bifocals, I think - and peers at some things like a very old man - chashma ta ke tule, squint kore!!! And also the wishes for plants to grow! :)

Hope you had a very happy birthday and your wishes come true in magical ways! Love and a big hug!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the happiest b'day ever. I have been reading you forever now it seems like and even though you don't post as much as I'd like I eagerly check every now and then. And BTW, who gave YOU premission to turn 25 missy! Here I was thinking you're still the funny, zany, way too wise for your years 24 year old waiting for her first born aka bablet to emerge:=)

And just you wait till I'm ready to begin wintering in my Goa home, you can come en famile or not and we'll pamper you with all the beaches you want(alas my beloved beaches aren't what they used to be though)

And your wish on turning pretty omigawd how much prettier do you want to get huh!

Some photos of the celebration please.