Friday, May 05, 2017

That holiday

Every so often I try to remind myself to let things go. I am terrible at it. However, whenever I do, good things happen.

Days after I forced myself to stop whingeing about a holiday, Vicky suggested a staycation right here in Bangalore. We checked into Hotel Ivory Tower for a day of air-conditioning, room service, television and a giant bed! I don't know which was my favourite. It's been brutally hot in Bangalore this year and all my usual ways of keeping the house cool aren't working beyond a point. Anyway, so the AC was a delight! I also want to mention the room service. While it's quite true that Vicky is generally good about bringing me snacks and tea and breakfast, it's equally true that all these need some prior organisation and later cleaning by me, so it was lovely not having to think of any of that.

The very first thing we did after checking in was to have a late lunch at Lakeview. The food was strictly ok and it was pretty hot since it doesn't have air conditioning but the boys were happy with the desserts and I was happy with my spicy mutton cutlets.

Our next move was to put the boys down for a nap. Rahul doesn't really nap but he was ordered to stay in bed and not move so it comes to the same thing.

As Beni slept and Rahul listened to music, Vicky worked on his calligraphy and I on my tatting. As a family we are pretty low maintenance, I'd say. These hours of calm were long overdue and they were very soothing.

We surfaced in the evening for tea and snacks and popped out to the bookshops. We first went to Bookworm (?) in Shrungar Shopping Mall and I quickly made a side trip to the Auroville shop at the back to fondle their crocheted pretties. Yes, I'm aware I sound vaguely demented and have given up caring. Meanwhile the boys browsed.

Taking them to book shops is great fun. Rahul jumps around from aisle to aisle and alternates between exhilaration at new finds and absolute depression when he's not allowed to buy. all. the. books.

Beni quietly potters around finding books for himself and then settles down to leaf through them. Rahul is the reader I couldn't help and Beni is the 'reader' I haven't needed to help. So much for me and my determination to bring up readers! Let me just take a moment to ponder on how terrible parenting is for my ego.

After a room service dinner, we went to bed early too. I let the boys have the bed with Vicky and went to sleep in the large sofa in the sitting/dining space outside. I cannot tell you how lovely it was to just sleep and not worry about absolutely unimportant things. I woke up before them, which never happens, feeling pretty happy with life. You can see it on our faces, right?

Then the rest of the family woke up and we had breakfast and got ourselves tidied up. Sort of.

Then, since we were on MG Road and it was a Sunday morning, we checked out and went to the new Blossoms. (We had, of course, visited the old one the previous evening. We are thorough like that. We are also out-of-towners who make the most of visits to town.) We bought a bunch of books but at the checkout there was a family, also with two boys rather older than mine, who were buying a couple of cartons of books. I asked if they were buying for a library. The woman smiled and said no, it was all for them. They don't spend a lot, she said, but what they do, they spend mostly on books. I think I should have taken down their numbers so I could make friends and raid their library. We bumped into them once more at lunch in the little burger shop next door.

And that was the end of the little holiday. We drove back home, full of food and with bags of books. One little boy valiantly fought off sleep till he couldn't any more. It really was a lovely break.


The Bride said...

Oh the photos of the sleeping boys. Warms the cockles of my jaded maternal heart.

Sneha said...

So lovely to read about your offbeat take on life! Whether it be about grief or random tales of Rahul and Beni or this staycation. Always something honest and fresh served up on this blog.

Been a reader of your blog since forever and love all the baby wearing and other cool stuff you keep championing.

Anonymous said...

All your boys are so darn cute. Yep, the oldest one too:-) And the lil' one, oy vey, he just dug into my heart in that last pic. Hope you are feeling much more rested and peaceful after this short getaway. Take time out for yourself every now and then, it will help.


Suchismita said...

"all my usual ways of keeping the house cool" - how are you doing that here in Bangalore? Do tell! It kills me on days, that heat!