Sunday, August 16, 2015

That Tiranga Dhokla

A long time ago at The Red Curtain we needed a spectacular food for stage. Something big and unusual that could be made at home and brought to the venue, and I came up with these tiranga dhoklas and giant laddoos. Yesterday at our local Independence Day celebrations there was a tricolour cooking competition so I made the dhoklas again after so long. My mother-in-law, who's visiting us just now, kindly made the chutney and I made the dhoklas from scratch following some excellent recipes.

The top and bottom layers are this recipe. The orange comes from ketchup and a bit of chilli powder though any red sauce will do, keeping the flavours in mind. The green comes from dhaniya chutney. You need generous amounts of both for colour and also to adjust salt accordingly in the basic dhokla batter. The central batter is from here with no changes apart from fewer ground green chillies. I made a batch each on the stovetop and microwave simultaneously and much preferred the stovetop steamed dhokla for softness and texture.

If you give them a shot, here is how I work --
1. Make the basic batters except for the Eno/baking soda part. I made twice the amount of the yellow batter, divided it in two and kept all three bowls ready.
2. Add the red sauce to one yellow batter, mix it in. Add Eno and steam till just firmed up, not fully cooked.
3. Add the Eno to the white batter and spoon gently atop the mostly cooked red dhokla. Steam till just firmed up.
4. Add the green chutney to the second yellow bater, mix it in. Add Eno and steam till cooked. Check with a skewer inserted all the way to the bottom.

If you're microwaving you need to play around with the timings and see what suits your steaming bowl and microwave. I usually make these in glass tumblers in the microwave with another glass of water in there to keep the inside of the oven moist. At 900W I steam approximately 50-60 seconds per layer but this will really depend on how thick your layer is. Your last layer might need a little extra time.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it won first prize. It wasn't the prettiest but it was tasty!


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