Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Not a Review: Soul Ring Slings

Late in May last year I received a baby gift from Monika that totally made my day: a chocolate brown linen Soul ring sling. I had been eyeing them greedily on Facebook, hesitant to spend what seemed like a lot of money over what's basically a length of cloth and yet coveting the comfort they seemed to promise. Thrilled with the gift, I placed it in the front of my baby things and waited impatiently to use it. We used to wear The Wee Bhablet, if you remember, and already knew it was the most comfortable way to cart a kid around.

The good thing is, these slings (unlike Rahul's ssc) can be used from birth. The extra fabric, called the 'tail', can be used to cover your baby from dust, sun, rain or even just to allow him to nap in peace. Or blow bubbles, should he be in the mood.

My first time out of the house with the newborn Puchke, I popped him into our Soul. And the next time. After the first few awkward carries I spent a little time reading up on how to really wear a ring sling. We haven't looked back since. I soon realised that I use the sling a great deal more than any other baby thing we have (except my beloved cloth diapers!) and thus, it's worth every rupee.

Especially when I was travelling in December and had nobody to help me with Puchke, it was wonderful being able to carry him in a carrier that folded so compactly into any old bag. This brown linen sling is easy to launder (bung into washing machine) so it has seen trains and aeroplanes, beaches and hills.

Emboldened by a discount on their Facebook page, I even bought myself another sling, one from their limited handloom range, for warmer babywearing during the winter. I may not be a Green Lantern but I claim babywearing as my superpower.

The handloom fabric is thicker and harder to adjust initially, but once in place it's actually even softer and more pliable than the linen sling. Also, the fabric looks really special when worn to weddings.

As you can see from the *cough* action shot *cough* below, babies nap rather comfortably in slings. Even when their father and brother go nuts all around them in a busy, noisy food court.

Vicky has mixed feelings about ring slings because he finds them a little fiddly. I love them because I'm used to adjusting them and now I'm fairly fast. Once you're used to one, I find nothing beats them for versatility -- baby blanket, wipe, your stole, sunshade, chew toy and also a carrier -- as well as convenience. Babies can be popped in and out without struggling with buckles or straps. The least expected benefit has been how much my back loves these slings: when worn correctly they seem to exert just the right amount of pressure in just the right places to soothe an aching back. So there you go. I am not calling this a review because I'm clearly very biased but if you have a baby or a toddler and you have aching arms and could do with a carrier, you really should head over to Soul Ring Slings and check their stuff out. If you have queries, mail them. As somebody who did, and got all the help she required, I vouch for their customer service too.

And no, nobody's paying me for saying any of this, not that I would mind being paid in slings. (Yes, these slings get a little addictive. I'm hoping you didn't notice that.)


Priti Raj said...

Its very touchy..Very Nice!!

Anonymous said...

You look very beautiful Sue..and love the sling..though it is all too late for me :-))


Anonymous said...

The second pic is so Awesome!! Thanks for this post. I wasn't aware that we're getting these in India! Was thinking to ask some friends to buy a Maya wrap which costs a bomb compared to these cute slings. There are many types and I'm confused. Which do you recommend between the linen cotton blend and plain linen?

Sue said...

Priti, Bhavani -- thank you!

Z - If I were buying I would go for the new Kalamkari. I love how easy the linen is to maintain but as my child grows I am looking at the superior cotton options because they seem longer.

Rajashree Reddy said...

Lovely children…:)
what a wonderful family you’ve got! Got me emotional reading.. just before this
I watched Daddy and zooey video.. very sweet and emotional video.. watch it,
you will be reminded of your children -

Sue said...

Rajashree -- Thanks!