Sunday, January 11, 2015

Six Months of Puchke

Over a cheery tea this afternoon (and it's been a drab, chilly day otherwise) we calculated that come the 25th of January, Rahul will be exactly 100 months old. My Wee Bhablet that was, now a big Dada, now shooting up and yet not too much, will have spent one hundred months with us.

We also calculated that today, this morning, our man Puchke turned six months old. And what a six months it's been. He was such a doll, swaddled in the hospital blankets (and they didn't care about blue or pink so he sported both impartially).

Such a little manling bringing the nurses running because we dared sponge him in the mornings, an act to which he made vociferous objection. Such a little button, blinking at the bathroom light and refusing to sleep after I brought him home, freaking me out with his fizzy potty and his insistent focus on me. A child not a month old who'd turn his head and call after Vicky whenever Vicky left the room.

Barely bigger, we took him on his first train journey to Vizag. It was love at first sight between my brother and him, and gave me a much-needed breather because it meant that they two of them would occasionally take off for a little walk and come home sweaty and quite pleased with themselves and each other.

He was quite the party animal in November, a month which exhausted me with its weddings and get-togethers and parties. In December we went for his first visit to The Great Banyan Tree, and we got around some more, as I got more and more comfortable feeding him in public. Before Christmas we flew down to Bangalore for a whirlwind day, Puchke and I, to meet some friends. More falling in love happened, what with him taking quite the shine to Ro's piano not to mention Aunty Rads.

Before I could draw breath we were off again, now to Vizag once more because it was time for P's annaprashan. It could have been a big, social do, like it had been for Rahul, with innumerable friends and relatives, and gifts and feasting, but we considered the pros and cons and moved the party to Vizag. It was small, with only immediate family in attendance, and intimate, and mostly perfect. His Buro mama fed him the ceremonial rice payesh, looking a little nervous as he did so, and our man P licked the book, and then the pen, before finally grabbing the ball of earth so we no longer know exactly what it was that he chose except that it wasn't money. Nobody I'm related seems to be on that track anyway.

Vizag was packed and a story by itself, and then we were back in Kolkata. When P woke up in Moore Avenue, I don't know if he recognised home after a fortnight away but he seemed delighted, jumping up and down in arms as we walked from room to room.

Now he's sitting. This morning he had his first banana. Yesterday he ate a bit of a pancake. Some days before he tasted his first ice cream, butterscotch. He keeps standing up, sometimes on his toes, but not always. His favourite sound is "e" and he seems to get a lot said with just the one vowel. He's extremely interested in food and a happy, sociable baby. He has the most adorable shy smile when strangers talk to him. Mostly, he seems to like the world best when viewed from my arms, but once in a while he enjoys the scenery with other people too. My father and he seem to have this unspoken connection, which reminds me of Rahul and his thakur. He's got used to being picked up any which way by Rahul and carried around by him (and any other big Dadas or Didis).

Some days his clinginess drives me frantic with claustrophobia. Some other days (like today) I'm convinced he's as perfect as can be. Six months.


The Bride said...

Puchke and Rahul are adorbs but you are looking bootifullest in that second-last photie.

Anonymous said...


I agree with The Bride, that photograph of you with both your boys is one of your best. For once, I noticed you way before i saw them. Frame it, you look fabulous.

Kavs said...

Wow! How beautiful you are looking with your babies!? Rahul and Puchke look so cute :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family all of you make, Sue. So utterly butterly beautiful your boys are. Both of them, keep them close till the girls come calling:-) Love how handsome big dada has grown since I got to know him thru this blog since he was a wee bhablet:)

And that last photo, you look so, so pretty. Muah.


Soumya said...

You have such a beautiful family. And what a cutie that little one is! This post of yours reminds me of this recent ad I watched about this dad and son relationship. It's Tata AIA ad which speaks volumes about growing up kids. All parents must watch, check it out.. at the end you will surely be grinning ear to ear -

Irina Johnson said...

Nice looking happy baby. The diapers look very cute on it

Rohini said...


And I love the 100 months milestone. Must remember it for T

Sue said...

Bride, Radha, Kavs, Deepa, Soumya, Irina -- thank you all :)

Ro -- I never remember this stuff myself.