Monday, December 01, 2014

Nine Months

I had a rotten pregnancy with Rahul, so I was determined to enjoy myself the second time round. I had my highs and lows and I had a lot of sleep but here are some of things I also did:

Month 1
I wrote thank yous, trying to find my old optimistic spirit.
I attended Dana's 30th birthday party dressed as Mr Cellophane.

Month 2
I stayed home with Ma and Rahul while Vicky went to Shillong for a week on work. It shouldn't have been difficult but it was.
Rahul and I went to my little nephew's rice ceremony at Calcutta Rowing Club. Driving wasn't easy with the sleepiness but I did it.
As a blogger I attended and blogged a CSR initiative by ITC.

Month 3
I was a panelist at the Apeejay Kolkata Litfest. I spoke about Youth and Change. How ageist.
I attended a wedding in tshirts and sarees because my blouses had stopped fitting me.
We went to the circus. It was quite the day because I stayed awake all day, which was a major event by then.
I did an Arena Stage workshop culminating in a show -- my last theatre for some time to come.

Month 4
I panicked about gestational diabetes but it turned to have been too much rich food from all the weddings.
I edited a book.

Month 5
I taught my last class at Kolkata Sanved. It was an enriching experience and now I think perhaps I can teach after all.
We went to Ibiza and I spent a couple of days in the swimming pool: such bliss.
I crocheted a blanket for the baby. It was my first big project.

Month 6
Despite my misgivings I stayed a part of the CSAAM team once more. It was more upsetting than usual, what with me being so emotional so easily, but I did it and am glad I did.

Month 8
I travelled to Vizag for a surprise visit.

Month 9
I was ambushed by a fabulous surprise baby shower. I still haven't written about it and I fully intend to. It was epic.
I took part in a gift swap at my FB group.

Month 10
I stayed up nights watching the World Cup.
I also had a baby. That was epic too, but that's another story for another time.

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