Monday, August 25, 2014

Big Brother Is Watching

Rahul has taken on the mantle of Dada very comfortably. He has very little idea what to do with or around a very little baby but he's learning on the job, which is rather sweet.

Less sweet is his 'gentle' instruction to me on how to parent his little brother. I cannot lose my temper without being 'gently' rebuked later on. I have it explained to me that I cannot scold such a little boy (I didn't!), have I apologised (of course I did!) and that I must try to keep my temper (I try!).

He watches out for Puchke's welfare in other ways as well, earmarking toys and treats ostensibly for the little brother to enjoy "one day"; for the present, of course, Rahul will keep them in 'working condition'.
He and his schoolfriends also appear to discuss the phenomenon of younger siblings, which is a vast improvement over my own Dada who was unwilling to acknowledge my existence in public through most of our school years. Rahul's friends have in fact taken a great interest in the proper upbringing of Master Puchke, according to Rahul, who may well be passing off his own 'suggestions' as theirs. They have even gone so far as to decide that the boy should be named "Varabh". Because he is, you know, the brother of Sharabh. They concede that it has no meaning as a name, but seems apt nevertheless.

And that is when I put my foot down.


R's Mom said...

Sigh! this is so so adorable to read...Its nice that guys in Rahul's class are so enthused about little kids :)

LOL on the name though :)

Sue said...

R's Mom -- Oh, they take older siblinghood very seriously. It's adorable.