Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Showers of Blessings -- I

This little baby inside me is 35 weeks old now. At this stage, Rahul was delivered by C-sec. This one though, will stay as long as it wants because both my doctor and I prefer it that way. While it's hopefully getting bigger and fatter and smarter and whatnoter, let me tell you about all my many, many baby showers.

The first one was the traditional shaadh Ma planned for me early this year. She settled on May 2, a most auspicious date I'm told, and in my seventh month, and at first we considered a big family shindig. A couple of incidents brought us back to earth very rapidly, reminding us that we exist in very political families and also that we're heartily sick of the politics. Then my friends went missing for various reasons and what with the auspicious hour ending firmly at 8.30 in the am, the shaadh happened with only my mother, me and Vicky.

I wore the beautiful Byloom saree Ma-Baba gifted me for the occasion and a new gold Krishna pendant my grandmother sent me from Pune. That's me looking freshly bathed and trying not to yawn, by the way, while eating payesh.

Apparently you also have to eat mishti doi with a fried fish tail. They may as well have asked me to eat the fish raw. This of a pregnant woman who can barely stand being in the kitchen surrounded by raw food, mind you. But let us look at more pleasant things. Below you have my mother and me looking all emo for a change.

Rahul had to go to school, this being a Friday morning, but he photobombed us anyway, via his dinosaur book on the chair behind me. I believe the book was propped up by Vicky, who took all these pictures, but Rahul was quite satisfied with his representative. He had not been happy at having to miss the fun.

And lastly, here's a close-up of some of the food. Since this was a breakfast shaadh the normal set menu was thrown to the winds. On my grandmother's advice Ma got a lot of savouries and fried goodies, which Vicky rounded off with pastries from Flurys. There were also mini pea parathas and prawn cutlets, apart from the mishti doi, payesh and fish. Of the stuff that you can see, there are two kinds of nimki (masala and plain), almonds and cashews, bhujiya and murukku, raw mango chutney, chocolate and lemon tarts, chocolate boat and pista square. And I was supposed to eat it all, though thankfully not necessarily all at once.

The cake plate, by the way, was a recent gift from Vicky. I've been wanting one for ages and then I saw Medha of Piece o' Cake makes the most beautiful hand-painted ones, so that's what he got me.

Later in the day Baba arrived in town, with strings and strings of pearls. I had suggested that my huge pearls were a little short and a daughter needed something down to her navel, especially a daughter who kept the grandchildren coming, and he fell for it.

Apart from all this, I was gifted a saree by Chhotopishithamma, money by Pishithamma and a set of Estee Lauder perfumes by Mejopishi & Anindyakaku. Basically, showered with gifts and love. I write all this down because I didn't have a shaadh when I was pregnant with Rahul and the lack of interest from my in-laws this time too hurt more than I care to admit. On the other hand, I did have all this.

Actually, I went on to get much more, but that's a story for another post.


The Bride said...

I love the emo pick of you and your mum. You're looking radiant in all the pics.

I never had any type of baby shower, by choice because I didn't want the attention. Ok, I had a surprise one from my office colleagues where they all got me little gifts at one office lunch which was super sweet. And I appreciated that they did it again, more elaborately in fact, for the second baby except I missed it because I went into labour.

Strings of pearly down to navel are totally necessary, I agree.

Aneela Z said...

I was SUPPOSED to have a ( surprise) baby shower but we had the baby the weekend it was supposed to happen I hear. I think they should have sent me all the food anyways!

Anonymous said...

ok, we now know where you get your awesome looks from. But Sue, your ma is way, way more beautifuler than you.

You look well fed(always a good sign if you want healthy baby, I looked severely mal nutritioned types when I was in 35th week with V), content and all glow-y so it's gonna be all good with this one for sure. I hope, hope, hope you have a girl because I suspect as much as you are a rocking mum to Rahul you'll rock even more with a little gal. How do I know? you ask. Hmmm, just a hunch.

So hard for me to believe that I've been now reading you since before Rahul was born and now here you are about to pop out your second 'un.

Rest well.


Anonymous said...

New post! (I was here -- Shuki)

R's Mom said...

Oh My God! you look so pretty...touch wood..I know this comment is late..was very unwell to check blogs last week..but wow! loved that pic of you and your mom..super nice :)

Sonia ( Aka Grafx) said...

SUEEEEEE!! ( Ok that sounded like "Coooeeeeee") 'Memba me? OMG you have another little munchkin on the way!? How wonderful! Congrats!
I have a 3 month old little girl =P Im in the mommy club!
Its so great to see your blog again and that you're still writing!