Monday, June 16, 2014


A couple of days ago Rahul counted the money in his piggy bank and found he had Rs 290. This thrilled him so much that he danced around the room, kicking his heels up in joy on the bed and exclaiming how wonderful it was that he had "nearly Rs 300".

I made helpful suggestions about what he could do with the money (I have a birthday coming up) and he assured me that all birthday gifts would be taken care of, but that he mainly wanted to save this for his own birthday. He figured by September he would have the "whole Rs 300" and could buy something for himself, his highest ambition just now.

When I was eight I asked for and received a weekly allowance. I remember perfectly well what a thrill that was and how I used to throw money in my jar and not look until it was full and then count whatever had collected and promptly spend the lot. I still enjoy saving money and spending every last paisa (though now as a householder I try to put something in my long-term savings before commencing the big spending spree). What I didn't understand was his fascination with the figure 300. Why not aim for 400? Why was 200 too little, given this son of ours is still very naive about numbers and figures?

This morning, he finally made up his Rs 300 and promptly started dancing around the house once more. Again I asked him what he wanted to do with it and once again he reminded me that he wanted to spend it on himself for his birthday. Then I asked him why he liked the number 300 so much. He looked at me in perfect seriousness and said, "Don't you think a seven year old boy having Rs 300 is great?"

Well, yes, I do, and so I told my little Croesus.


Sri said...

Thanks to you, I learnt who Croesus is!

My daughter also has a small piggy bank and she requests everyone to contribute!

Sue said...

Sri -- How cute!