Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Just a Little Crush?

Sri wins this giveaway. Thanks for the laughs, Sri. Kiran and I both loved your entry!


Remember when I sighed for a McDreamy? I don't know if my prayers were heard, but 2013 was enlivened by two very cute crushes. They were hardly alike but what they had in common was a certain level of the smarts. Also the cuteness. Smart and cute is what works for me, clearly.

More recently, I returned to a very old crush. KBPM, who is a keen runner, was running with him and in the course of a frivolous conversation, The Man promised me a hug when next we met. Now, I don't know about you, but a hug from Milind Soman is worth any number of embarrassing Facebook conversations. Actually, just thinking about it makes me feel like a teenager all over again... So I did what any self-respecting teenaged Sue would do: I promptly wrote a status update about it and proceeded to get teased by all who saw it. I don't care, it was well worth it.

And before you laugh at me, when was the last time you did something silly for a crush, huh? Not that long ago, I'll bet. Tell me about it and I'll put you in the running (ooh, running... where was I? oh yes!) for an autographed copy of Kiran Manral's latest novel, Once upon a Crush

I finished reading my own copy late last week and am still chuckling over bits of it. Like everything else Kiran writes, there is always something that speaks to you, reminds you of the funnier parts of your life. The book itself is a light version of a coming of age novel, sparked up by our heroine's mad crush on the office hottie.

All kinds of people have threatened me so I will not give away any spoilers but suffice to say things end happily for most people concerned. Since Kiran has never been the saccharine type, universal happiness is not guaranteed for all characters, but that is exactly what I like about her writing, so it pleases me.

To set the ball rolling, Kiran tells you about something silly she did once for a crush --
Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was an adolescent with a crushing crush on the resident hunk of the neighbourhood, I remember waiting endlessly at the bus stop at the time he normally took the same BEST bus to the railway station in the vain hope that we would share the same bus, and in my starry eyed innocence, the same seat. But alas, back then I was a pimply faced, bordering on the obese, spectacled little kid with two plaits and a school uniform and god help me, I missed enough buses to be infernally late for school and had to stand out of class more times than I could remember. Sadly, he broke my heart by making sheep's eyes at the resident hottie of the complex and I went back to mooning over George Michael who then broke my heart few years later when he came out.
Inspired? Write your story in the comments and Kiran will choose her favourite. Please note, her decision is final and binding and she requests you to send her an Indian address for the book, should you win.

Don't forget to leave your email address with your entry. May the funniest story win!

P. S. In case you want a copy already, here's the cheapest price I found online.


Kiran Manral said...

Thank you darling, and I owe you a meal for all the help on the Bong references.

Sue said...

Kiran -- I shall consider myself amply rewarded when the stories come rolling in. ;)

Sri said...

Hmm..crushes keep happening now and then but being married, I don't remember doing anything silly in the recent past...but I distinctly remember my first crush when i was in the 8th standard..I saw him at my cousin's wedding and couldn't understand why I was feeling "something!!"

I was always the geeky, studious type from an all-girls school and I slowly realised I was having a crush and was very excited that it could happen to me!! The silliest thing that I did was that I tried to handover my crush as many roses as I could..how did I manage to do that?

I was assigned the job of receiving the guests at my cousin's wedding and had to stand near the entrance with some roses,sandalwood paste, haldi, kumkum and sugar candy as in most South Indian weddings...I used to wait with bated breath for the guy to come to the reception table and I practically poured(instead of sprinkling) the rose water on his head!!

The guy was in college and looked at me like his little sister, unfortunately!;)

Really funny to recollect this after a decade!!

PS: My email id: bonjour.sri@gmail.com

Blessed said...

The one crush that I distinctively remember is the one I had in school. He was in 11th standard and me in 8th. The guy was a Bengali. Since we dint have Google back then,  I had to rely on the bong gals in my class and managed to mug up some bengali words thinking I could impress him with my bengali. I managed to pronounce his name properly and took almost 2 months to summon the courage to talk to him:) Finally it paid off since he was super impressed that a south Indian gal managed to pronounce his name properly :p But it dint go beyond that :( when I professed my unabashed love for him, he said" I am sorry I already have a girlfriend "�� All that  "hame in tumaki bhalo ache" gone waste ��

Miss Clueless said...
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Miss Clueless said...

Crushes was a thing for grown ups, all these words and phrases weren't explained to me when I had my first crush. It was love, love at first sight. A love that would last a lifetime. A love that I knew was true, was stronger than anything I knew. A love that would make me rhyme, oh well what the hell, it even made me mine. I saw him for the first time playing football, he looked so nice. Shorts and a tshirt, running around kicking the ball, making it look so tough, like he was doing such a huge task.
I was sitting on the sidelines looking at him playing, thinking oh how I wish I knew something about kicking balls (see what I did there?). I wanted to play with him and the other guys too. But what to do, I was relatively weak, small and thin. I would've been bludgeoned to the ground, hurt myself and died even before he even looked at me.
But then something happened, he stopped playing. He looked up, and around. Then his eyes came and stopped on me. I was surprised, I looked around, there wasn't anyone there really. I rubbed my eyes and looked at him again, yes, he was looking at me. He smiled, I did too! He started walking towards me, I turned back to check if now there was someone else behind me. No this couldn't be happening, he couldn't be walking towards me. But he was actually, it was me he was looking at.
I started walking too, straight towards him. Looking at him, falling in love with every step. His eyes, his hair, his shorts, the sweat, everything! We were close, it wasn't that long a walk. We were gazing at each other, he came closer and I did too. Then I kissed him, his cheek felt so hard and smooth, like... glass! Yup, I had kissed the TV screen for the 100th time, and his name was Shahrukh Khan!

My email id is kannagid@gmail.com

Hackdeals Gurgaon said...

Kiran you have written so Great that a for minute or so I really cant believe.

Sunita said...
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Sue said...

From Anjita:


Sri said...

Thank you, Sue and Kiran!!

Really excited to win the book!

cubic zirconia baguette said...

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