Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Settling into this Pregnancy

This pregnancy started out in a cloud of disbelief and happiness. After all these years of asking Vicky to agree to have another child, here we were, number 2 finally on its way, and Rahul thrilled at the thought. I saw the world in a soft, hazy glow, though that may have been from all the sleep I got in my first four-five months.

Now I'm in month six, more used to this baby, more accustomed to the happiness. Starting to take it the littlest bit for granted. The hormonal mood swings are intense. Rahul has begun to not only go around telling people that I have a baby in my tummy but also that this is the reason I am so angry and so sad so easily. When he was a baby I fretted a little because he took his time talking but at times like these I really wish he never did start to talk.

I'm also finally relaxed enough to completely loathe Vicky for doing this to me. He knew I would never be able to say no to a baby. Why not allow me to get all this over and done with in my twenties? What kind of a husband makes his wife go through all this in her old age? I'll be thirty-two when this child is born, the age when I had planned to retire from motherhood and get back to the swinging single life. Instead, there go my thirties too. Also, really, the next time he wants a child, let him carry it himself or adopt. As always, everything is his fault.

What has completely thrown me though is his response to my attitude. When I was expecting Rahul and easily upset by small things, he was very unfeeling and often rather cruel. This time around he has his off days but mostly he's running around getting me snacks, rubbing my back on request, patting me soothingly when I burst into tears yet again because of something utterly nonsensical... and so it goes. He is never this nice to me. It's making me rather suspicious.


Shirisha said...

Congratulations!!! Have very happy family!!!

Sue said...

Sirisha -- Thank you :)

Rashi Ravi Ganguly said...

Congratulations Sue! And the last two lines made me laugh out loud! :-D

Cee Kay said...

Shuddup! He is nice to you - that is all that matters. Enjoy this pregnancy, Sue and Vicky!

dipali said...

Don't be suespicious! Just enjoy the attention!

Sue said...

Rashi -- Thanks :)

Cee -- I hope he read that!

Dipali -- You're asking me to be not me?