Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Rahul came home from school half an hour ago.

He told us about the spellings he got right in class today -- 18 out of 20, he says, which must be a record of sorts for a child who refuses to display his learning (possibly on principle, more likely out of a general wish to break my heart). When I quizzed him on the ones he hadn't got right, he reminded me, "I got 18 out of 20 right. Aren't you impressed?"


He came out his bath and I whined until he came over to me lying on the bed. I squished his wet head against my heated cheek, luxuriating in the dual comfort of the boy and his relative coolness. He laughed and said, "I knew you wanted to cuddle."

I said, "No, I wanted your coolness. You're my ice cube."

He immediately drew away. "You're stealing my cold!"


It's hard to hide a smile sometimes. I know this is just the kind of fawning mum post I normally try to avoid, but indulge me this once.


R's Mom said...

Oh he is so cute :):) LOL on taking away by cold :):)

Just Like That said...

:-) boys can be heartwarming sometimes!

The Bride said...

I loved this fawning mum post.

Sue said...

R's Mom -- :)

JLT -- Yes, they can!

The Bride -- Thanks :)