Sunday, March 16, 2014

Holi 2014

I've always liked Holi. My parents didn't enjoy the madness and mostly, neither did my brother, but I used to be the one member of our family out there getting back home dripping and multicoloured. I have fun memories of Holi up and down our lanes in Golf Green, a huge apartment complex celebration in Hyderabad and of course, the epic celebration that was my last Holi in Vizag. My schoolmates and I went around picking up friends and eventually we found ourselves noisy, egg-covered and discoloured on the beach. The episode ended with us showering off in Esha's front garden, to the detriment of her mother's fancy new Pears soap not to mention her towels. She was a good sport about it though.

Vicky and I have played Holi. It's not Rahul's favourite festival but we've had fun with colours and water and bhang, the works. Left to themselves, I have accepted that the Niyogys wouldn't play. Vicky will light up the house from top to bottom for Diwali, like he did last year (and left the mad cleaning up to me, of course) and buy crackers after we decide not to waste our money, but increasingly he wants to head out of town for Durga Puja and stay home during Holi.

This year I'm sitting out Holi too. I offered to make safe colours for Rahul to play with at home, but neither of them seemed particularly interested, and I'm far too sleepy all the time. Next year, we'll have the baby celebrating with us.

A happy Holi to you and yours. May you be blessed.

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