Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making Allowances

Some time ago I talked on FB about allowing my seven year-old child to earn money by performing certain household chores (apart from the ones I expect him to do as a matter of course). The debate was divided with people unsure of whether giving money to such a young child was in itself correct, whether this was teaching him to not do chores without expecting payment, whether this was the wisest thing I've ever taught him and so on.

He saves some of what he earns. Mostly he forgets to collects his dues and we forget to pay him, these days. (SO MUCH like his freelancing parents.) I think the most positive outcome of this experiment has been his reluctant acceptance of the crazy prices of the toys that he likes. It has drastically cut down on his gimmes.

I just read this blog post on allowances and am passing it on for all you parents who may be wondering about allowing your children their own funds and if so, when and how.

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