Thursday, January 02, 2014


I'm usually the kind of person who gets annoyed if people lean in too close in a queue or a bus, say. I like my space and guard a little zone around my body with determination.

Having a baby changed that eight years ago, I remember. Suddenly doctors were touching me everywhere, my father was barging in to gaze fondly at the baby who was, hello, on my breast at the time... I can't even blame other people really because there was a time I gave up trying to cover up or stay what my mother would like to consider decent. There simply wasn't that much energy.

Over the years I've regained that sense of privacy. Now though, being so obviously pregnant -- even I have trouble believing I'm not yet three months gone -- I get friends patting my tummy, a little boy blowing kisses into it towards an unborn sibling, Vicky absent-mindedly patting my tummy as I pass by... and it makes me smile. Rahul was everybody's baby and I hope this one will be too.


mim said...

hope you have a son... again.

I so so just love welcoming mums to the two boys club...

what? it isn't a case of misery loves company.

I hope it's a boy, boy, boy

Sue said...

MiM -- Would you believe that after having sighed for a daughter all these years I actually have moments when I wonder if another son wouldn't be easier. Better the (little) devil you know etc.