Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Spanish Empire Circus

We went to the circus. The last time I'd been to a circus was probably when I was Rahul's age and Rahul had never been before, so all three of us were quite excited about it. We went to see the Spanish Imperial Circus at Baishnabghata -- the joys of living in the 'burbs include getting to know when the circus comes to town next door (or nearly).

We had a nice lunch at Azad Hind, Naktala, and made our impatient way down south only to find long queues already formed. Vicky hopped off and got the more expensive tickets (Rs 170! for a circus!) but by then that line was long was well. It wasn't as bad as I'd feared though. We stood in line, we went in, we got decent seats. The show featured an European group of four who were quite funny if not exactly world class and we expect that's where the 'Spanish' comes from.

In retrospect I suppose the acts were more adequate than excellent but we were so excited, we couldn't have cared less. It was the elephants and the dogs and the birds that put me off. Somewhere over the years I've stopped wanting to have animals perform for me. The circuses say the banning of animal acts have brought their business down. I for one would prefer my circuses without any animals at all.

The jokers were funny and both midgets doubled up elsewhere. The hoop girl also took part in the shooting games, though the really spectacular shot was this nicely chubby girl who appeared to really enjoy herself. There was a troupe of Manipuri acrobats who were great fun and another chap billed as a German gymnast who was probably from small town UP and was also pretty good on the trampoline. The trapeze was a real disappointment.

Afterwards we met Misha and Bantu at CCD, Vivekananda Park. It was a much nicer day than I'd woken up expecting -- and remember I'd woken up knowing we were off to the circus. For me though a personal highlight was being out of the house for a straight eight hours. It's been months since I could do that without falling asleep with my face in my coffee.

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