Monday, January 27, 2014


Last week was a wedding (a nephew by marriage got married and I became an aunt-in-law, which amused me no end) with attendant feasts and claws and dressing up. Dressing up requires more thought than usual because last week I suddenly ballooned and pants that fit me seven days earlier refused to be pulled on. I wore a pink printed silk with an ancient pink tshirt for the boubhaat (and tried not to think about the tshirt) and my beautiful mauve jamdani with a white midriff sweater I unearthed from somewhere for the reception. Thanks to the neither here-nor there bump, my heavy saree kept slipping at which point I just sighed and carried on with life. I had bigger problems!

Wednesday morning was Rahul's first ever Sports Day. He wore a green pre-stitched dhoti with mustard yellow trim, a mustard yellow photua and a red gamchha tied around his head and performed a "grill" with "dumbles". He was of course the puny-looking kid with the gamchha falling over his eyes but to my utterly biased eyes his "grill" was wonderfully executed. My father was in town so he was the one to drop Rahul off at the stadium early in the morning and stayed sitting in the sun all through the exercises. It was fun but exhausting. I felt sorry for my father, because having done it all for my brother and me, he shouldn't have had to do it for a grandson all over again, but he perked up when Rahul came on centre-field.

Saturday night we went to meet Mesho and stayed an hour or so, chatting over pizza. Sunday afternoon was at M4's. I wore a loose white ruffled Anne Taylor blouse over shiny black and silver striped pants. My maroon asymmetrical cardigan kept me warm. Her husband had organised a big party for her birthday and when these two throw a party they really make it go. I had a wonderful time, sitting between Shuki and Nibudi and occasionally chatting with others who came along, like the wonderfully talented Dithi, among others. I had a small glass of white wine and literally enough food for two. I was surprised at myself because though I'm hungry enough, I usually am content with small portions so far. Anyway, it was a great party.

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