Thursday, January 09, 2014

Like Mother, Like Son

At lunch at Rana's this afternoon Rahul noticed the "TM" next to the ice cream brand he was eyeing and wanted to know what it was. Vicky and I explained copyrights and trademarks to him briefly. He thought the thing over a bit while munching his cheese dosa. Then he said with a very determined note in his voice, "I'm going to write TM after my name Sharabh. Also after Rahul." He was quick to add that he probably couldn't trademark "Rahul" because it was already in a lot of places, but Sharabh was going to be his trademark.

Notwithstanding the difficulties of organising copyrights and trademarks, I was very proud of him. I occasionally have severe doubts over how somebody like me could possibly have given birth to a weirdo like him (they must have switched babies, is my theory) but this was one of those moments where I leaned over and gave him a quick hug.

You see, when I was seventeen, I decided to copyright all my school projects. My English teacher was amused, but then, most of the things I did amused her. She was very understanding. My science teachers were not. One of them very unkindly told me that unless I spent more time on the project and less time dreaming up nonsense like copyright, my projects would remain safe from copying and probably marking as well. Oh well.


Sri said... cute!!

Just want to tell your son to go ahead..the process is a long one but is not impossible!

Sue said...

Sri -- Only when he's handling the red tape himself, thank you very much!