Friday, January 24, 2014

I think it says everything you need to know about me

... that I worked out that if this baby turns out to be a son, I shall be most sorrowful not because it isn't a daughter but because over the years I've given all of Rahul's awesome baby clothes away. He was the best dressed little boy I've ever met and with good reason: I collected beautiful, comfortable and interesting clothes for him from everywhere, sending people specific shopping lists and whatehaveyous. It seems to me that if I had to have another son I may as well have had him when I still had all those lovely things.

Also, my Mesho has warned Vicky that second ones are expensive. He himself has calculated that he cannot retire before he's 105, and as a fellow Bihari, he kindly warned Vicky of what lies ahead. (If this child is a girl damn right she'll be expensive. Nobody will stop me from my spending spree and I should like to see them try. If it's a boy I'm buying from Bansdroni. There, gender discrimination, pure and simple.)

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