Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our last Christmas as a threesome.

Christmas Eve was relatively low-key. Ma left for Vizag in the evening, dropped off at Shalimar by Vicky and Rahul. I had class which ended with two kinds of cake. We all met at home in the evening. I tidied a couple of rooms, sorted out the living room. Watched A Christmas Story over fried rice and chilli chicken and then packed the boy off to bed. Wrapped his gifts while watching Castle. Vicky and I watch it every night these days though I didn't when he was away at Shillong.

Rahul woke up while I was baking mocha cupcakes and then we woke Vicky up so that the gifts could be unwrapped. Vicky and I didn't remember to get one another anything, not that it mattered. Rahul got two paper model-making kits from us, pencils in a case and Tom & Jerry erasers and a boat+car set from his Dadu-Diddi; a train set from his Jethu-Jethi and a much-awaited Hot Wheels dinosaur track from Anindadu, Giga and Jimmashi. It was not easy convincing him to come away to eat his bacon and eggs or even a cupcake.

Cousin J came over for lunch. I made mushrooms in white sauce with pasta, which upset Vicky because it was vegetarian. He wolfed down some leftover Cafe roast chicken and seemed somewhat consoled. J and Rahul spent the afternoon making the fire engine from one of the kits while I took a long nap. Woke up to find Vicky getting Rahul ready for a Christmas party J was supposed to attend... the boy cadged an invitation to one of the nicest Christmas parties in town.

So, Christmas ended with Rahul escorting a young lady to a party while Vicky and I sat in front of the TV with Maggi and hot chocolate. A taste of things to come?

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