Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thoughts while Driving

Don't be that driver.

The one who honks at every traffic signal as if that will magically move away all the other cars in front of you or turn the light green.

The one who has to straddle three lanes even that means making your vehicle perform impossible swaying acrobatics for no discernible reason.

The one who blocks up the free left turn (and then refuses to move as the cars line up behind with increasing annoyance).

The one who drives drunkenly down busy pedestrian-filled lanes, unable to drive straight because one hand has to hold on to the baby or toddler on your lap.

The one who talks into the cellphone you are holding up to your ear, especially at turnings, crossings and other such crucial junctions.

The one who pulls up in the left lane when you actually want to go right -- and insist on making your cross-lane turn in front of all the cars who are in the correct, legal lane.

The one who needs to avenge a bruised ego every time a driver of the other sex overtakes you or otherwise out-drives you.

The one who creepily pulls up alongside cars driven by women and continues alongside on an otherwise empty road, taking peeks into the woman's car.


If you think about it, driving would be easier for you if you would simply stick to following the rules of the road and concentrating on your destination. All these cute little mannerisms merely show up the asshole in you and that's no way to impress a woman. Especially one who can out-drive you.

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