Tuesday, October 08, 2013

ThankYou #8: Handkerchief Carriers

As a child I knew I always had my father's handkerchief to wipe my sticky, wet or grubby little hands on. There was always a large, freshly laundered square of white fabric which he was willing to hand over for my use (or my mother's or brother's). As I grew older I learnt to iron using those squares and there was a time when I scolded him for not knowing better than to wipe grease and engine oil using cloth that we had to wash.

One of the nicest discoveries I made about Vicky when I started dating him was that he too carried a handkerchief in his pocket at all times. Over the years I have used his handkerchiefs to wrap jewellery, insulate fresh ruti, wipe a grubby little boy and, of course, dry my hands. I am so used to this that I rarely remember to carry a handkerchief of my own and in fact, when I do, it's usually more for show because my own hankies are far too pretty and lacy to be used to wipe or mop up things!

(See what I just found!)

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