Sunday, October 13, 2013

ThankYou #13: Baba

I have several reasons to be grateful to my father-in-law, but most often I think of two compliments he paid me many years ago. When Rahul was a baby I was severely criticised by almost everybody in my immediate surroundings for not being a 'good' mother. My father-in-law noticed the things I did do and one day, when I was being criticised as usual, he remarked that he thought I was in fact a very good mother and taught my child valuable skills. Even now when people criticise me (much less frequently, thankfully) I comfort myself with his words and immediately feel better.

He also knew me when I was learning to cook and I celebrated every edible dish that came out of my kitchen. Once at a dinner cooked by Vicky's mother, who is an extremely talented cook, I contributed a light kofta curry. My father-in-law was kind enough to tell me that he liked it the most and that he liked mild dishes and even asked for the leftovers. It was the sort of sweet gesture my own father occasionally makes and it warms my heart even today.

Thank you, wherever you are. We miss you still.

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dipali said...

Sounds like such a nice gentleman. I miss ever having known my father-in-law:(