Friday, October 11, 2013

ThankYou #11: Venkatesh

We first met Venkatesh as a very young man determined to do well. My father had his eye on him as a likely lad and over the years Venkatesh has done all his well-wishers proud. He is now a busy corporate executive who manages a crazy schedule of domestic duties and work schedules, but I remember him from more laidback times when I would, in the arrogance of the boss' daughter, demand that he fix my computer for the umpteenth time or do other such unreasonable things, secure in the assurance that he was much too nice to ever refuse, even when my father ordered him to. He was a mainstay at my wedding (my mother insisted that she'd never have managed half of it without him around) and as recently as two days ago, when my father's travel plans to our family get-together in Pune fell through because of AP agitations and electricity strikes, Venkatesh saved the day by organising affordable air tickets and taking them over to my father who, having no electricity or internet, could not have them mailed to him.

He has repaid many times over whatever he owed to my father and as a family we are all glad life is giving him all the good things he so richly deserves.

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