Tuesday, October 01, 2013

ThankYou #1: Kittu

This month I want to post some thankyous.

I'll start by thanking Kittu. There was this night in Vizag when we were out drinking and dancing and I kept getting lost but every time he turned out to be right behind me, reassuring and rock steady. It can't have been fun for him looking after a ditsy Sue all night but he did and I appreciate it.


George Jacob said...

awww kittu..... where were you all those times in my life when i was lost and confused....sure could have used a steady friend like you.
Thanks for the time we spend together in high school. we sure had some fun times together.

sukanya bora said...

What a lovely idea. Thank yous are so powerful yet we don't use them often.

Sue said...

George -- Since I've already whacked you elsewhere, let me just say here that we better meet next year -- it's been much too long!

Sukanya -- I agree.