Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Rahul has been learning to play games of association in school. Sometimes, just to mess with him, I come up with wild associations from him to something perfectly ridiculous.

The other day during lunch I made a chain from him to a monkey I think, going via a joker and a circus. He objected to it saying jokers aren't very nice things. I was a bit surprised because you'd think being a kid he'd like the idea of jokers, right?

He doesn't, because to him a joker is not about the big top (he's never seen an old-fashioned circus in his life) -- it's about the Joker.

We're bad parents.

(And no, an appropriate comment to this post is not "Why so serious?" -- pre-empted you there, hah!)


Pratiti said...

I did go to the circus before I was introduced to the Joker, but I was STILL scared to death of jokers as a child, if this comforts you at all. :)

R's Mom said...

I confess, I am scared of Jokers as well. I used to really terrified of the ones in the circus because they would look scary to me, instead of funny. And then when I grew older, I felt more pity than anything for them, because everyone used to laugh AT them, instead of WITH guess you are not bad parents, Rahul is a sane guy eh?

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Sue said...

Pratiti, R's Mom -- Really? I used to like jokers until I watched some horror show on Zee TV which had a joker doll that killed people or something.