Sunday, July 28, 2013

Size Matters

Rahul hasn't yet figured out the difference between size, height and age, because it's all mixed up with "growing bigger" for him. So when he tells me how big he's getting, he usually bends down and 'measures' himself from his toes, straightening up as he reaches his head, and tells me that's "a six years old".

Some day he's going to look back and think of what a silly kid he was. When he does, I want him to read this and know that I thought he was quite perfect. Daft, but perfect.

Talking about growing bigger, he is often told to do something or behave in a certain way because he is now a big boy. Protesting this unfairness he has taken to reminding me that he isn't entirely 'big' yet, that actually he is just a little boy really. The other day he brought this worksheet home.


devapriyaroy said...

And all three sentences are perfect! For a 6 year old to actually frame such perfect sentences? I am utterly impressed. (Of course I was always Rahul's fan.)

Diptee said...
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Diptee said...

That was good. Rather impressive. You have a smart kid there.

I got introduced to your blog through Disha, and I am quite glad about it. :)

Sue said...

Devapriya -- I was impressed too but that was more because of the rubbish he usually turns in!

Diptee -- Hello, pleased to 'meet' you. :)