Monday, July 08, 2013


Rahul just came home from school. He pushed through the doorway with a packet in his hand calling out, "Happy birthday, Babu." He saw me look at the packet and hurriedly told me, "These are for me, not you." (The packet contained Cheetos or something.)

Even while I was smiling at myself for thinking he might have got me something, he dashed into my room not even having stopped to take his shoes off, and presented me with a red rose.

After I'd finished hugging him silly, he got me a cup and water to put it in. As an afterthought, he handed me the plastic packet in which he'd brought the rose home and said I may as well have that too.

Sons are the cutest critters.

P. S.
I have not forgotten the giveaways. Will post results tonight!


dipali said...

Awwww, sweetness! That's a beeg boy you have there, Sue!

Sri said...

Happy birthday!:)

Rohini said...

Such a sweetheart. Tarana brought home some pebbles for me from school today and presented them to me with great fanfare ;-)

CW said...

Happy birthday, Sue!

Sue said...

Dipali, Sri, CW -- Thank you :)

Ro -- Aw, I'll bet she did. I have been shown but not given pebbles, papers, bits of asphalt and even insects.