Friday, February 15, 2008

Scribbles from Madras

Well, where do I begin? Short takes will have to suffice.
1. New place looking very nice. We're nt all unpacked but it's warm and welcoming and can accomodate visitors. What else do you want? Working kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. Yes, I said bedroom and bathroomS. Great place. 2 loos to a bedroom.

2. The Bhablet is loving Madras. He's being petted silly, my parents love having him over and I'm finally getting a little rest. Not sure why I didn't feel rested last few times I was over, but this time I'm very relaxed and quite cheerful. Potty training gone haywire but hey, what's a little potty training when you have grandparents and grandson having a whale of a time. Ok, a Bhablet of a time. That describes the joyous abandon better than "whale of a time". Silly phrase, anyway.

3. Vicky is not well. I've decided to get off his case. I do not ask him after his meals or how he is managing. If he says he is fine I take his word for it. I hope he is all right but even if he isn't, I'll cope with it all once I get back home, i.e. on the 24th.

4. I've had a wonderful haircut. I came to MDR with hair that fell an inch or two below my bra strap at the back and was thick enough to make two decent plaits. I loved the length and the thickness but it was killing me. I went to Studio Profile (introduced to me by this wonderful, er, native of these parts) and had it all chopped off. They carted it away in shovelfuls. I've still got most of the length (bar two inches at the bottom) but had the rest of it ruthlessly thinned. This means I can now actually tie my hair in a ponytail and the damn thing stays in place. It also means no more thick plait and no more fashionable knots, but hey, who had the time for knots anyway?

5. I wanted to buy myself some clothes at the Globus sale but seem to have missed it. My parents bought me a couple of nice tops but I really wanted a couple of formal shirts. Oh well.

4. Toddlers need a separate seat in aircraft. Why the hell can't the airlines just accept that? I'll pay for the damn seat.

5. The Bhablet just woke up so pretty much everything else I wanted to say has gone out of my head.

6. We're off to B'lore tomorrow. Saying the night, returning on Sunday. Anybody want to meet up? Sunday morning? Saturday evening?

7. Blogmeet in Madras anyone? Tuesday/Wed evening?

More, as always, later. Ta, all!


Rohini said...

Yay! First commenter!

They don't allow you to buy a seat for your toddler?! Which airline is this? I have been buying Ayaan a seat since he was 9 months old - it is the only sane way to travel.

Minka said...

A lil late responding to your Tues/Wed Chennai meet . Would have loved to meet you !! And even later suggesting you head to Cotton World in Khader Nawaz Khan Road next time you are in Chennai. They have a sale and if you're lucky, some nice stuff can be picked up

dipali said...

Have a ball, and say Hi to good old Madras from me (ex-Gummidipoondan)!

Parul said...

i want pictures of new haircut.

~nm said...

We want picture!! We want Picture!! :P

Savani said...

where is the picture.. i gotta see the haircut! airlines in india don't let you buy tixx for toddlers??? that's odd..i can't imagine travelling with Chip on my lap.. we have always bought a ticket for him..

Maggie said...

What fun! Post pictures, please!

Mystic Margarita said...

Pictures, please! Have fun! :)

Priya said...

yes, pictures of new look and hey I'm in Blr. meet up sometime?

D said...

You sound happy and rested. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

By any chance you flitting towards Mumbai on your way back???? Pics please. Feeling very frumpy at the moment and need inspiration to get few remaining strands cut off...

Sue said...

Rohini -- I checked since then and I find it was a misunderstanding from my side. Sigh. In his 17 odd flights so far The Bhablet has mostly always found a free seat for himself somewhere but there have been a couple of nightmareish instances when that was not possible.

Anyway, next trip onwards he has his own seat. (And luggage allowance.)

Minka -- I was talking of week to come. How about Tuesday/Wed, then? Thanks for the Cotton World tip off. I live within a walk of the place. A long walk but a walk nonetheless.

Dipali -- Thanks, am having a really nice time here. Have said hello to your Gummidipondi. Drove through a lot of rural TN these last two days.

Parul -- So do I, actually. My father only takes photographs of his grandson. And I wanted a photo while it was still sleek and styled from the parlour. Sigh.

NM, DotMom, Moppet's Mom, Mystic, Kiran -- See reply to Parul above.

Kiran, I think a sleek crop would look nice on you. Very short hair like I used to have. Hmm... let me think.

Priya -- Sorry about that.

D -- Yes, I am rested somehow, even with all the running around. I guess I needed a mental break from Cal. :)

Sukhaloka said...

But I loved your hair! Wah!

Ah well, it's your hair. And long hair is a huge pain to take care of.
Pics of new haircut, plizzzz!

And when are we having a Kolkata blogmeet? Where? (You have to have JU folks like Rimi and Kaichu along else The Baby will refuse to let me go, lol)

Sue said...

Suki -- Dipali and I have been considering one, actually. At my new place one afternoon. I'm willing to invite people I know, either personally or through their blogs. Rimi will of course be called, and I quite like Kaichu so no problem there.

Tell The Baby to stop being such a baby and let you do your own thing. None of my boyfriends ever got away with trying to tell me what not to do. :) He can always accompany you if he is so worried.

Kochab said...

I am so jealous! I love Madras (I am from Madras so..) and I miss the chaos of madras :( I hope you are getting to eat all the yummy food. BTW am glad you are back and blogging!

Yashodhara said...

Allo, allo! Catching up on your posts after ages...this one inspired me to write about my Dahli trip!

Sukhaloka said...

Sue, Baby DOES let me do my own thing. But when I do things like haring off to Dipali's place in their car for dinner and returning home at 11 instead of just being dropped home from Proof... I think I scared him with that one, lol!
As long as someone I know is around, he's fine. As for him coming along... first of all I don't think I want him there, secondly he's a busy guy. He doesn't really belong at blogmeets, I guess. If he wants to come he can, but he'll do it because he WANTS to be there. Not because I need to be babysat.

We're both paranoid and possessive about each other, I guess it takes some getting used to. :P

Sue said...

Kochab -- I really like your city. Haven't had Tam food cooked in Tam homes but I love what I've had in restaurants (Woodlands, Savera etc.)

Y -- I patted myself on the back then. :)

Suki -- Sweets, I suggest your keep the paranoia and possessivenes for private moments. Else ppl like me WILL take potshots at folks like you two. Don't say you weren't warned.