Thursday, April 05, 2018

Daily horoscopes

I signed up for some free service many years ago and get an email most days. Over time I've learnt to decode them a bit. "You'll have a wonderful evening with your lover", for instance, means that there will be another fight over something and V won't talk to me for a few days (or weeks, or months). "Children cause you worries" can be safely forgotten about because there is no day in my life when I've not had to worry for the safety and sanity of my progeny. Dire predictions about "elders in the family" can be accurate or not depending on how well-behaved my elders feel. "You will solve all issues at work" is alarming to read because of the threat of 'issues' at work, but ok, that can happen. "Beware of an envious co-worker" funnily enough seems to show up on days that V hates me the most, so perhaps the horoscope sees him as a co-worker rather than a lover? We can't be sure but it looks that way.

Mostly, I'll take all of it except for the predictions of marital happiness -- those lead to too much stress at home!

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