Friday, March 30, 2018

Othering myself

Some of my rawest blog posts and poems and songs have been about theatre. I don't talk much about it when I'm not involved in it but some part of me seems to go into hibernation when I'm off-stage. I don't even get it. I'm not an especially talented performer or costumer or stagehand. It's just something about the stage that got into my blood. Every so often I look into a mirror and want to see somebody else because I've been this person for too long -- and theatre gives me that escape. To be somebody else, however conflicted, contemptible, capricious, it's the being somebody else that fulfils some inexplicable emotional need within me. I'm no longer that young girl who'd walk down streets playing other people nor am I rootless enough to go where the theatre is. I just sit quietly at home. Go about my life. Do all the things I need to. And every so often I look into the mirror and get slightly shocked that it's still the same person I've been too long now.

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