Thursday, November 09, 2017

A Conversation

I Wish You Would Stop

Person: So when can we expect your book, ha ha ha.

Me: I don't really have a story.

Person: Of course you do, everybody does.

Me: Perhaps I am not ready to tell it yet?

Person: But you write so well on your blog, ha ha ha.

Me: That's a different kind of writing altogether and I do not need to be coherent or consistent or even honest. I can be as difficult, narcissistic or selfish as I wish, I can stop mid-way and return after months and I don't care in the slightest if nobody reads my writing. In fact, I wish you'd stop reading my blog.

Person: Oh, we don't read your blog, ha ha ha, are you still writing?

Me: No, I'm not, so there's no reason for you to visit.

Person: What's the link again?

Me: Nothing, I don't really write any more.

Person: Ha ha ha, you're so funny, you really should write a book.

Me: Like my blog?

Person: Yes, of course, so many bloggers have done it and they got the chance to publish other writing too.

Me: And I still remember how deeply they were criticised. Every book they wrote was criticised as yet another 'blogger book' because it was assumed bloggers aren't 'real' writers.

Person: Blogs are not the same as writing real books...

Me: [pause]

Person: But you write so well.


Anonymous said...

Yes you do do write so well. All in good time though. Live more and perhaps who knows the urge to tell might come some day. Maybe not even a book, something else. You're a lovely person though, uetterly butterfly lovely actually.


Sue said...

Deepa -- Thank you! I've ghost-written a few books, that's how I'm quite sure I haven't the capacity to write something entirely by myself. Not today, at any rate.