Monday, December 12, 2016

Beni's bib

I placed today's newspaper and a bib of Beni's on the long staircase, to be taken upstairs on my next trip up. As it happened, Beni went up before I did, and noted both sitting on the stair. I told them they were for upstairs. Not only did he take both (quite an armful for a toddler) he also neatly placed the newspaper on his father's desk and the bib *inside* the drawer it was destined for. I had only mentioned that they would both go upstairs.

 Nothing in my life so far has quite prepared me for a male to take this much interest and initiative in his household. I know he is likely to grow up to be as 'domestically challenged' as all the other males in my life but for just this hour, I wanted to tell you how wonderful this little act of his made me feel. 

He is now exactly two years and five months old, and Rahul was in preschool by this age because I had started work at Contad. I find Beni following me around, learning to keep house, interested in the kitchen and that indefatigable little spark of optimism gets a little brighter. Maybe he will not be completely useless around the house. Maybe he will enjoy neatness for the sake of it. Maybe he will even enjoy it enough to make it happen himself. These days I am frequently overwhelmed by the clutter my family (including obviously our man B) generates, so the optimism is timely. Also, it reminded me of another adorable gesture by another little boy of mine from very long ago.

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radha said...

How adorable.. Long may it continue..
An extra hug to this sweet child of mine (okay yours !)