Thursday, October 20, 2016

Conversations with B

Me: You're a good boy, aren't you?
B: No
Me: [say wha--?] Of course you're a good boy.
B: No
Me: [slightly nervous now] I know you're a good boy, a very, very good boy.
B: Nope
Me: [heartily] I'm sure you're a good boy.
B: Okay [giggles at my face]


B: [whining in a copy of his friend Ian] Miiiiiiiine!
Me: Stop that. Are you Beni or are you Ian?
B: [calculating stare]
Me: Well, who are you?
B: Babu

All of this would be cute toddler talk were it not for the extremely adult speculation in his eyes. This boy is toying with me.

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