Monday, June 15, 2015

Not Picking

I used to be a picky eater. I learnt to eat everything on my plate after Rahul was born but people still think I'm a picky eater and laugh at me over that. This doesn't bother me at all (especially since this motivates them to find me food I actually enjoy eating).

What bugs me is when people tell me what they think I should eat. If any of them saw me eat the food of my choice over a week, a month or longer, they'd see I prefer my food light, in not very large portions, and at regular intervals. Left to my own devices I cook more vegetarian than non-veg, drink a lot of water, eat some raw portions, and don't snack as much on junk as they think. This is a fact that my snack cupboard confirms, given that packets of deep fried goodies and cream biscuits sit around and get stale. I don't go overboard on the ghee, butter, sugar or maida though I love them all. I don't because excess makes me feel sick and when it's not fun I don't want to eat.

You know why it bugs me when people try to tell me what they think I should be eating? Because they have clearly not looked at the food I do eat; because food has always been used to control women in ways most men do not want to acknowledge; and because I am more invested in my well-being than they ever will be. Please, stop.

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