Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sew Much?

The great thing about being in households run by my mother, grandmother and aunts is that they always have sewing things handy. I've never seen my grandmother crochet but when I last visited her, I wished I had a hook handy and lo, out of her cupboard came yarn and a suitable hook.

My mother even has a sewing kit in Moore Avenue where she doesn't live and where I'd occasionally rummage to find threads in colours my own box was missing. To be in a place where you have access to not just basic repair materials but also embroidery floss, fabric, hooks and knitting needles is to feel more than a little at home.

Right now we're at Ro's and one of the first things I did was mend a few clothes of Puchke's using Ayaan's sewing kit. Yet another reason why this boy makes me proud... he has a sewing kit!

Before we left Calcutta one of the first things I sorted and packed was the contents of my sewing cupboard. Deep shelves full of fabrics and notions; wools and hooks and needles; all sorts of dinky thingamajigs I rarely use but which make me so happy; threads of almost every kind, from sewing to cotton yarn. If you sew (or embroider or knit or crochet or...!) you'll know the happiness I get from all this.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Not Picking

I used to be a picky eater. I learnt to eat everything on my plate after Rahul was born but people still think I'm a picky eater and laugh at me over that. This doesn't bother me at all (especially since this motivates them to find me food I actually enjoy eating).

What bugs me is when people tell me what they think I should eat. If any of them saw me eat the food of my choice over a week, a month or longer, they'd see I prefer my food light, in not very large portions, and at regular intervals. Left to my own devices I cook more vegetarian than non-veg, drink a lot of water, eat some raw portions, and don't snack as much on junk as they think. This is a fact that my snack cupboard confirms, given that packets of deep fried goodies and cream biscuits sit around and get stale. I don't go overboard on the ghee, butter, sugar or maida though I love them all. I don't because excess makes me feel sick and when it's not fun I don't want to eat.

You know why it bugs me when people try to tell me what they think I should be eating? Because they have clearly not looked at the food I do eat; because food has always been used to control women in ways most men do not want to acknowledge; and because I am more invested in my well-being than they ever will be. Please, stop.