Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time flies like an arrow...

... and fruit flies like a banana. Yes, yes, I know that one. Vicky's inflicted it on me often enough.

I was a little prepared for older-brotherhood to cause some degree of growth in Rahul but how can you really be prepared for these things? And what I certainly did not expect was how he shot up physically after Puchke's birth. Almost overnight his shirts were too small, his jeans too tight and his cheekbones grew sharply defined. He lost the last of his baby beauty in these months. Now his face shows the lasting beauty that will probably define him as he grows older. It was fascinating to watch. Less fascinating has been his on again off again clinginess as he deals with the changes another child brings.

At some point Vicky (finally) got into the swing of baby things. Suddenly the gentle, efficient and effective man I remember from Rahul's babyhood re-entered our lives and took a lot of the weight off my weary shoulders. I know I sound very dramatic but I was exhausted after six months of little sleep and breastfeeding and dealing with the baby at night and the household and Rahul during the day. But now that Vicky's stepped in, the most adorable thing I see is how Puchke is finally looking around for Vicky once more, lifting his arms to his father, splitting his face into his nose-scrunching grin because his Baba entered the room. Sometimes Vicky makes me feel like that too, so I can empathise.


Thinking Cramps said...

Adorable! Yes, Rahul is growing up, but somehow (for me) that's easier to believe than that little Puchkins growing up! I love the sheer joy on his face as he sits cozy in his Baba's lap. Loved this post.

Sue said...

Thinking Cramps -- Thank you. I love both these photos, not least because they were taken on a nice day out. There haven't been nearly enough of those lately, somehow.