Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review: Naughty Baby Cloth Diaper & Inserts

About six weeks ago, Jennifer of Madhuri Baby sent me a set of modern cloth diapering basics for review.

Going clockwise from the purple pocket diaper on top left, these are:

- a PUL one-size pocket diaper (seen opened to show inner lining)
- two 5-layer charcoal bamboo inserts
- one 3-layer organic bamboo insert
- the single microfibre insert that came with the pocket diaper
- three 4-layer microfibre inserts

These came with detailed, hand-written instructions from Jennifer for prepping (i.e. preparing the diaper and accessories for use) and care. The pocket diaper was cute, with an owl print I had not encountered before. Here's a laundry shot of it, for fun.

The inner microsuede and outer PUL were quite close to the Alvas I mostly use, as were the cut and stitching. The PUL felt a little thinner and more pliable to touch. The diaper itself has been worked hard these last few weeks. Overall, I find it can on occasion leak a little under pressure at nights but it holds it own quite well during the day. It fits skinny Puchke well, currently snapped down to its smallest setting.

The inserts were the most interesting to me. As you can see, they come in varying thicknesses. The photo is not the best but you can see the limp, slightly yellow organic bamboo insert right on top is much thinner than the two bright, white microfibre inserts beneath it; and both the bamboo and the microfibre are significantly thinner than the grey charcoal bamboo insert at the bottom. These thicknesses matter because of the bulk they create in the diaper. Each material absorbs different amounts, at different speeds, and suit different children according to their individual needs.

I've taken my time testing out the inserts. The grey charcoal bamboo ones work well singly in pocket diapers as well as used without any sleeves or liners in cover diapers. I also like the inner line of stitching (see photo below) because it helps to make the five layers a little less bulky.

The thin organic bamboo absorbs very slowly so it's not a good choice for use in pockets or covers by itself; where it's fantastic is as a doubler or booster to another, faster insert. The organic bamboo + charcoal bamboo insert combination has now been my favourite night-time solution for a while.

The Naughty Baby microfibre inserts are also comparable to my Alva microfibre inserts. I like them for their liquid-holding capacity as well as ease of laundry.

To me, where Naughty Baby from Madhuri Baby really scores is in the very reasonable prices. The pocket + mf insert comes for Rs 500 including shipping, while each individual mf insert is Rs 125, charcoal bamboo Rs 200 and organic bamboo Rs 250. Shipping is free for all orders above Rs 500, which is a boon to mothers diapering on a budget. They've just had a new stock of cartoon prints so check them out on their Facebook page. Other products of note are prefolds (currently out of stock) and crocheted baby leg warmers and the most adorable baby dungarees handmade by Jennifer herself to customer specifications.


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This is a great collection. I cant wait to try it out on our first baby due in March

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