Friday, September 05, 2014

In Your Thirties

- You watch your children grow up. Where did your baby go?

- You watch your parents grow old. How do you make your peace with that?

- The man you married is greying, slowing down, less likely to take risks.

- Your bones hurt more often. Such an old people thing.

- Your friends are no longer young people fresh from university.

- The environment matters more than ever, but now it's self-need driving you rather than ideals.

- Politics matters. Not enough to lose friends over it, but still.

- Your car is more likely to have baby bottles than booze in the backseat.

- Your music is starting to get dated. You hear the radio play Savage Garden during 'Classics' hour.

- Your mental confidence is less matched by your physical condition.

All of this is flummoxing because you feel so young.


Anonymous said...

So true.
Especially the last line. Sigh.


Ananya said...

watching parents grow old is difficult...
but whats more heart warming is that they still treat you like a baby and want to still get you everything in their capacity!!!!!

Unmana said...

I know. And sometimes I look at young people and think how much younger I am. Though I guess I was less young when I was actually in my twenties.

Yeah, I stopped making sense a while ago. I just stopped by to see how you're doing. Hugs.

Choxbox said...

Ditto for the forties, just more intense. Ergo you feel younger-er.

Sue said...

Nutty -- That's when you firmly remind yourself that you are, in fact, young still!

Ananya -- True :)

Unmana -- That made perfect sense, somehow! Hugs back.

Chox -- Really? Now there's something to look forward to.