Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eight Years Old

Rahul is eight today. I haven't had the time to get all sentimental and angry with him for growing up, partly of course because his little brother keeps me too busy but mostly because I am finally accepting his growing.

He is no longer a very little boy and he's hardly even a little boy. He drives me crazy and I think this is because his temperament is much like mine, just amped up. He is quick to anger, all about the drama and very soft-hearted. He is impatient and bossy and demanding. Yesterday he drove me to tears. And this morning he reminded me of all that is best in him, gentle manners, little kindnesses. Shortly we will go collect his report card which will no doubt be another exercise in biting our lips and trying not to get depressed, so I'm reminding myself that he is more than his report card. After all, I was too.

He is thrilled at being a big brother. Not a day has gone by when he hasn't told us what a good thing it was we have Puchke now. Because earlier, our lives were very boring, he says.

Eight. I accept it but it takes all my willpower to do so.

Friday, September 05, 2014

In Your Thirties

- You watch your children grow up. Where did your baby go?

- You watch your parents grow old. How do you make your peace with that?

- The man you married is greying, slowing down, less likely to take risks.

- Your bones hurt more often. Such an old people thing.

- Your friends are no longer young people fresh from university.

- The environment matters more than ever, but now it's self-need driving you rather than ideals.

- Politics matters. Not enough to lose friends over it, but still.

- Your car is more likely to have baby bottles than booze in the backseat.

- Your music is starting to get dated. You hear the radio play Savage Garden during 'Classics' hour.

- Your mental confidence is less matched by your physical condition.

All of this is flummoxing because you feel so young.