Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ThankYou #15: Whoever Invented Fabric Glue

Fabric glue was one of those handicraft supplies, like iron on fabric or double-sided tape, that I read about in my foreign books and sighed over. It seemed like a miracle thing, keeping delicate fabrics from unravelling, fixing on sequins and suchlike decorations. Of course, it wasn't available anywhere close to me.

When we did Ionesco's Rhinoceros in 2005 (or was it 2004?) I found fabric glue in the market and it changed my life. Dana and I made rhino costumes for for I forget how many actors sewing just the basic seams and finishing off everything else with fabric glue. And that was just the glorious start of my love affair with this wonderful, wonderful product. Thank you, whoever created it!

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