Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September 2013

Yesterday was the last day of a month that flew past on wings. I spent the afternoon at the American Center, listening to a little talk by Sabrina Issa on how to structure digital media to fit one's purposes. The talk gave me no particularly new insights but I did enjoy meeting other bloggers and social media activists. And meeting Sabrina was fun too because I got the impression that if she had been better informed about who and what we were, what we do, if she had been less tired, we might have had a more productive afternoon.

The weekend before that was a blur of activity. Rahul's birthday was on Sunday, attended by Hritam, Totini, Monal, Taishan, Agneesh, Aineesh and of course, Ratul. I spent Saturday baking and cooking; Vicky took Rahul off to keep him out of my hair and get some shopping done. Dana dropped in and made a fantastic Darth Porker pinata in between making sandwiches and dip, and tossing pasta.

My parents were in town for a fortnight before that, which was another blur of clearing out this house, water problems, screaming fights (there was only one, but it was quite enough because I don't usually yell at my father like that), squabbling over Ma's iPad, Star Trek Angry Birds and oh, a week went in designing and making costumes -- a mermaid and a witch -- for an inter-school competition.

Before that I was deeply unhappy because Dipali and Vinod are unexpectedly moving to Delhi. I should no doubt have taken it better, but in fact I didn't. It's a loss and I'm losing too much these days. And all through August, September, and now October, it has rained heavily. The days are overcast, the evenings clammy and the dawns stormy.

I have been so busy being busy, all I want to do is spend some days sleeping. I also want to spend some days outside just having fun, enjoying the Pujo breeze, talking nonsense to people who don't want to be serious either. I need a break from my immersion in family life. I want to spend some days doing my crochet without fretting about bank work and paperwork and all the other things I should be doing instead.

In my fantasies, I walk out and leave it all behind me, my security nets and despair. In the real world, I don't even know how to put the first foot before the other. Instead I fool around with Rahul, have silly conversations with him and refuse to take anything seriously. It's as legitimate a way to cope with my confusion as any other, I suppose.

And now it's October. Pujo. Pune. More family time. On the other hand, Dexter season 8 has begun. I try not to get addicted to TV once more but I have to say watching Dexter is curiously soothing.


Roshnai Chaudhuri said...

I find 'Dexter' strangely comforting too. I realize it is no match for the landmark soaps like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Homeland'. Even then, sometimes, it is fun to watch unrealistic and improbable things. I started watching 'Dexter' when Star World ran Seasons 1-5 non-stop. I was expecting at that time and was advised against watching so much blood and gore. But watching 'Dexter' became something of a ritual for me and my husband post-dinner over ice-cream. My C-section was scheduled the day after Season 5 ended :) When Season 6 came around, my husband was no more and I wondered whether I would have the requisite emotional strength to revisit the serial which was so much a part of our lives. But it was hard to keep away from Dexter and I did watch Season 6(and Season 7 and Season 8 thereafter) and have not regretted it.

Sue said...

Roshnai -- This is a very late response, but do know I read your comment when you posted it and was very moved. I hope life is treating you well now.