Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Does a Child Need to Know About Homosexuals?

Why indeed.

Shrabonti posted a link to a very useful German cartoon that explains homosexual unions to a child. A friend of hers asked, "Why DO you need to explain homosexuality to a child?"

This is a good question. Let me answer that. We need to explain homosexuality to our children, to my son and your daughter, because

1. Homosexuality is not by choice. One is born a homosexual, like I was born an Indian, a female, to Mr and Mrs Roy. 

2. I have friends who are homosexuals, and I have been mistaken for a lesbian myself, and our friends and our experiences are a part of our children's world.

3. I hope to see in my lifetime vastly changed social, financial and political attitudes towards those who prefer partners of their own gender.

4. Our children will grow up and live in a world with more single parents, more same sex couples, more diversity. I need to prepare my child for this world, not the narrow boundaries of my own youth. I am a part of the change precisely because I never agreed with those narrow boundaries and this is the change I want.

5. We all need to understand that homosexuality is more than just what happens in the bedroom. As the cartoon shows all too well, it's also about love and nurture, which are universal values and have no gender.


Cee Kay said...

You know, during a recent discussion a friend said he is glad he never signed up his son for Boy Scouts because with their new ruling to allow gay members, his son stood the risk of being "converted" to being a gay. I really don't know how to get across to these people.

I always say this too - homosexuality is much more than what is happening in the bedroom. This friend I was having this discussion with - I can't even go into the details of his arguments. They pissed me so much, my blood pressure goes high even as I think about them.

dipali said...

Very well said, Sue. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been to live life in the closet, concealing an essential part of your personality from the world at large.

SUR NOTES said...

because a child needs to accept a world where people make different choices. My child is growing up with different choices all around her- close friends who are gay, close friends who chose to have children but not to get married, close friends who had a child and have divorced and have different partners now and all four of them are involved in bringing up the child, close friends who are married but dont want to have a child, close friends who are married and have adopted, single friends who have adopted... Could i have chosen a better world for my child to grow up in? imagine shutting all this out, for what? to make sure that my child grows up, marries a man, and has kids- and thinks that is the only way to be?

Rimi said...

Very well put. Indeed, if one asks why a child needs to know about hmosexuality, an excellent question to ask the person would be, why doesn't the child? I think the answer would either help the person face his or her own mild hmophobia, or perhaps end in an acidic row, letting you know what sort person s/he really is. Either way, there is some marginal collateral benefit.

SUR NOTES said...

A friend posted this on FB today

Thought of your post...

Anonymous said...

Creating open mindedness in children at this stage when nothing matters to them except a group of friends to giggle with or play with, is more important before the societal norms thrusts its ideology,as they grow up, in the later stage! We have many friends who are gays and lesbians and Sam is being taught to understand that! play dates and sleepovers are arranged....a family doesnt necessarily mean a dad and mom but it means two dads,two moms or even single dad and single mom! it helps the society by and large by making them more tolerant towards anything that is not considered a NORM!