Friday, June 14, 2013


kebard NT wrkng



mim said...

mine too.xplains bsence of some ltrs nd punctution...

baby param spilled wter here -- wht hppnd to u

am i the winner
i shld because yesterday ws my bday

Sue said...

MiM -- Nope, but you do have three more to try for.

(Happy belated birthday.)

mim said...

posh tosh

i cant let a small detail like i DIDNT WIN stop me

i'd like to announce that i want to be runner up then

i have been reading the b. gita

so i already have the characters...

the conches of the gita, their amazing names... and their owners in a mythology-modernology kind of tale...

arjuna - devdutt
bhima -- paundra
anantavijaya - yudhishtra
nakula - sughosha
sahadeva -- manipushpaka

something like what devdutt pattnaik does -- pls pls pls

Sue said...

MiM -- You alarm me, you do. If you were on my FB you'd have seen what Poppy has requested. It's almost as scary as what you propose.

I hope you know that my handle on mythology is at best shaky and at worst non-existent. I have considered sending my son to your mother for a proper upbringing!