Monday, June 24, 2013

Gift #3

This week's giveaway is for those of you who like to have your cake and eat it too. I'm giving away a box of cake made by me.

I'm afraid I can only send this to Indian addresses but you can send it to a friend if you win and you live outside the country.

Depending on your tastes, I will bake you either my chocolate cake with whiskey OR rum and raisins; OR brownies (or blondies). These are the cakes I bake best and I know they travel well.

The rules are, as always, simple:
1. Leave, in the comments box, a funny story about cooking or baking
2. Leave me a recipe or a link to one for food that you like to make yourself.

Contest open till midnight IST, Friday, 28 June 2013. Winner will be chosen by lucky draw, as always. Please don't forget to leave your email id or some other contact information so that I can reach you if you win.

The winner of Gift #2 has been announced.

R's Mom wins the cake. To think I sent her a couple of my favourite recipes just a few days ago! I'll be in touch about what cake you would like me to bake, OK?


Monika said...


Story has to be a disaster I did recently, was making a mousse cake, was working on it since morning.. a layer of cake, a light dark chocolate and rum mousse, stand for it to set and when it looks beautiful, make a gorgeous looking Mango Zabaglione and layer it on top and then wait for it to set. Couple of hours later when it comes out and looks beautiful, the mind thinks that may be I should make a shiny mango glaze as the top layer, I heat my mango pulp with gelatine and the little member in the house pees on the floor and screams and in haste I pour the hot glaze on those beautiful three layers and the next is see is a pool of white, yellow and brown color. Sigh

now can I have that cake please?

Kiran Manral said...

I want cake, I want cake. Did I mention the only time I tried to make a Pillsbury cooker cake I forgot all about it and it ended up as burnt offerings.

R's Mom said...

Darn! I missed the first two give aways :(:( How could I ??/

@Monika - Yes you definitely need one :):) you are the baking Goddess :)..its astonishing to read that an ace baker like you can have disasters...

I definitely want to bake a rainbow cake once in my life time (Here is the link from Monika's blog -

Baking disaster -

1. Put in a cake inside to cook, forgot to switch on the microwave and remembered it only the next day morning!

2. Tried to bake a pizza in the microwave and dont even ask how it smelt after getting completely burnt

3. Tried to bake the cake in a mug, and it just got so burnt that I had to throw away the mug (dont ask how I didnt realise it, I am an expert in burnt cakes!)

4. I decided to write anymore at the risk of spilling out all the disasters :)

Sue said...

Sinamon -- Oh no! No wonder you were so morose. I did wonder what had gone so wrong.

Kiran -- LOL And you never tried again?

R's Mom -- Aww. (Actually, I'm rotflmao but I'm trying to be nice.) If you share another round of stories that will count as a second entry, btw. I have no problem with multiple entries. *hint hint*

Anonymous said...

Oh! cooking stories pet peeve :)

1. When now husband then boyfriend and i were dating , back in Bangalore, i had invited his friends and him over for dinner and took about 1 and half hours to make just simple maggie? with no veggies and other bells and whistles if i may add? he still married me :)

2. I am a vegetarian but to surprise the husband started cooking chicken and i never knew how a cooked chicken looks .so made a big batch of chicken curry with supposedly yummy gravy and raw chicken in it?

3. what next? i once baked a cake in pressure cooker and forgot all about switching it on..and after one and half hour opened to realise it has not be baked at all?

4.and my chennai tam brahm hand can never make the rajma or choley to taste like their authentic self and always comes out tasting like sambhar or rasam?

i give up!

- Indu

R's Mom said...

Ah well, since you asked

4. Wanted to bake a chocolate cake (thats the only one I am confident about) and decided to make a non egg version and read somewhere that curd substitutes eggs..added like 3 bowls of curd and dont even ask me how the final version tasted..the husband was kind enough not to comment but throw it straight into the bin!

5. Decided to make a toast (bread one) in the microwave, arranged the veggies and grated a ton of cheese and came up with a black version of it..ah well, at least I know how to turn white into black with the magic of microwave radiation eh?

6. Decided to surprise the spouse with a cake, only that he mentioned after all my attempts, that he prefers the store bought version. 'Look at it this way RM', he said 'it saves the effort you put it, it saves the raw materials which can be used for better purposes, it saves you the heart break of seeing something burning,and most importantly, it saves us the tension of wondering when the house is going to be set on fire' Gah!

but someday, I will bake that rainbow cake...Retirement plans in progress eh?

Satya said...

Hi Sue, looong time follower of your blog, first time commenting. You had me at cake! My top two cooking disasters:
- On my first international travel I was put up at this service apartment in London. I thought I will make myself an omelette, I had seen mom make one a million times so how hard can it be right? I let the oil heat in HIGH for a good 5 min and poured the beaten egg mixture. It seemed ok from the top till the burnt smell started, oh god the smell. Within a few seconds the fire alarm rang and the owners came rushing in. Embarrassed I had to explain to them that I was busy cooking an exotic indian dish(!!)
- There was this time I tried making bread for the first time from an online recipe and the instructions said to bake at 350 degrees. I was sad my OTG had only till 200 so maybe I will just bake a little longer. Turns out the american recipe meant Fahrenheit. Sigh the rest of the story is better left as is.

And for a recipe I have not tried this but this looks so good, I must one day:

Also may I add how generous it is of you to offer these hand made gifts. Bless you girl.

mim said...

omg, i could flood you with food posts and stories from maidinmalaysia that revolve around cooking and are tres lol [of course, i need my cheerleaders to back me up -- sur, ahem -- and sur the blog is open -- what makes you think i am reclusive exclusive ... i try to be that to my sons -- but they havent still got it .

sue, is flooding you with posts allowed

here's a tangentially funny one ...

SUR NOTES said...

I would love to win the cake but since i flooded your last contest so shamelessly with posts and links - crochet jewellery shining in my eyes( the way richie rich's parents had the dollar sign in their eyes), i shall abstain from the competition here.

I began cooking experiments mostly when i was in the hostel at film school. Have loved cooking ever since but until then i have had a few disasters.

The ones that are most infamous are:
my cousin and me decided to cook a lavish sunday morning breakfast for ourselves when no one was home. She was older and made fluffy omelettes. I was 16 and said i would make a great milkshake. I added the chocolate to the cream and milk, put it in the blender and got distracted. My cousin, after a few minutes asked if the milk shake was ready. I said give it a few more seconds. She looked at the blender and said, Is the blender working? The mixture is not moving. I peered and said, with complete confidence, "Dont you know it appears as if it is not moving because it is moving so fast". "Oh yes", she said. After a few seconds i clicked the button to stop the blender and the damn thing came on!
I might be the chef from food heaven but this cousin does not stop telling this story.

The other one involves the husband who was then a boyfriend. We were "studying" for our exams. My folks were going out for dinner and my mum decided to cook an exotic chicken dish for us that she left in the oven. When we got hungry we brought out this beautiful chicken in cheese sauce and we dug into it. The poor boyfriend kept asking if we needed to heat it( he was terrified of saying cook it) since it seemed a bit chewy. I told him that this was an exotic dish my mum had made and he was a philistine for wanting the chicken to be cooked the way it is in our curries. Well, we ate it. My folks came back, my mum breezed in and asked, "How was the chicken, I hope you baked it for not more than ten minutes..." I had made us eat seriously undercooked meat, not sure how we did not fall sick. My mother laughed for days on end. The boyfriend, now husband, even when i rustle up the most exotic dishes loves reminding me that i had made him eat undercooked chicken.

The Reading Corner said...

That was food that I love to make. Now bake me one.

Disaster story...tried making coconut laddoos. The coconut burnt and a layer of coconut soot stuck to my brand new steel pressure cooker which the maid refused to clean and I cleaned in multiple tries.

Subhashree said...

I want cake... I don't have a funny story :( But I do have a link :)

Sue said...

Indu -- LMAO at #4. I think it's awfully sweet of you to cook non-veg, being a strict vegetarian yourself. I don't think I would have.

R's Mom -- Send me your email id please.

Satya -- It's my little thank you to my readers. I only wish I could bake for everybody.

MiM -- LOL yeah, flood me with posts, no problem.

Sur -- You give me hope, woman. That's exactly the kind of daft behaviour that makes my father look worried when I offer to cook him a meal.

TRC -- Aww, we've all had burnt cookers to clean out, I guess. I hope it's the only one such you ever have.

Subha -- Thank you, recipes are always welcome. :)

Kamini Gopal said...

NO ONE BAKES FOR ME EITHER. I think you should scrap this one and just send one cake each to Monika and me. Poor poor us. :(

My life is a series of disasters... No time to recount them all. Sigh...

Just send the damn cake to me girl...

Sue said...

Kamini -- Leave me a story or a link or a recipe or something. Also, mail me your address. You never know. :)

Cee Kay said...

Give it to Monika. As she said, no one bakes for her.

Or, give it to me and I will gift it to Monika :)

Will come back with my story later. Gotta run.

Cee Kay said...

I have tons of cooking/baking disaster stories but there is a non-disastrous story that is very close to my heart.

I had just taught myself to make mattar-paneer masala. My dad hated paneer. One evening, I made the dish for dinner and served it to my dad. He was good that way - ate whatever was prepared, even if he didn't like it. But I wasn't just content with seeing him eat something he didn't like without any complaints. I sat in front of him and pestered him to praise the dish. Withheld rotis from him until he said "Cee, the paneer is awesome". I can still remember his quiet laugh when I told him he wasn't going to get any more rotis until he said the paneer dish was awesome.

Sigh! What wouldn't I give to make his favorite dish - aloo-mattar, and let him eat it in peace.

Cee Kay said...

ROFL at Sur's first story.

Noodlehead said...

it better be me! Preggo wanting cake *gives the Sue puppy dog eyes*

here is one cake i baked for my parents' 40th anniversary. I loved how little effort it takes while seeming very complex :D

Cee Kay said...

So, who won this giveaway?

R's Mom said...

Yipeeeeeeeeee! *doing cartwheels and dancing away in glory* thank you Rahul thank you :):) Big big hugs to you :) too Sue :)

Sue said...

R's Mom -- You're very welcome, I'm sure! *sulks*