Monday, June 17, 2013

Gift #2

I missed a whole week because my blessed keyboard went on the blink. Not to worry, I planned four giveaways and four is what I'll give. It's a nice number, 4.

Talking of what else is nice, guess what I've been learning to do? Crochet. I often write about the things I knit, or sew, or embroider. What I'm giving away this week is a pretty crochet and ribbon necklace and bracelet set. I'm afraid I can't show you a photograph just yet because I'm still working on the pieces but I promise you it's cute. It would make a nice gift if you don't wear it yourself, too.

This week, to win this set of crochet necklace and bracelet, you can leave a comment here giving me either
1. a story about handicrafts (could even be a photo or a personal anecdote -- anything really)
2. a link to a great site for knitting, embroidery, lace-making etc
3. both of the above!

That's easy, right? Contest open till midnight IST, Friday, 21 June 2013. Winner will be chosen by lucky draw, as always. Please don't forget to leave your email id or some other contact information so that I can reach you if you win.

Also, the winner of #Gift 1 has been announced.

I will be very happy to post any photographs you care to share with me, on this page. You can email me the images and I'll just add them here. I realise you can't add them in the comments section but I do love photographs of things made by people I know or people they love.

Update 2
Sur wins the crochet set! Sur, clearly the thing powering heard from your many supporters. I must say I am impressed. :)


SUR NOTES said...

Can i post something i have already written? Do disqualify if old writing does not count. Though fyi crochet jewellery makes me dizzy with pleasure, dont want to put any pressure on you! I wrote this on women's day this year.

Embroidered Note:
Sometime in the 1930s, i am guessing, my grand father was to visit my grand mother's parents house. His parents would have discussed a possible marital alliance with her parents. I am not sure if he had a chance to say much. But my grand mother, who was not even physically present at that first meeting, had things she wanted to say.

She had been asked to embroider something elaborate to be displayed to the boy and his family.

I was the first grand-child whose wedding she could not attend. We visited her in Ludhiana after the wedding and she said that she had already given away most of her special sarees, shawls and jewelry. She had nothing of hers to be gifted to me except for one small thing. She said, i kept it for you because you will like the story, and god knows why you like all kinds of useless, old things.

It was the velvet cloth she had embroidered for " your nanaji". I said it was not for him, it was to show off to the visiting family that she was very skilled in all womanly tasks. No, it was for him. One was expected to paint or embroider Ram -Sita, Krishna- Radha etc. I wanted him to know that I was different, and modern.I wanted him to know that in the first meeting itself. So I chose carefully what to embroider, it had to be something that was not religious.

She always had a strong message for us, her daughters and grand daughters, be clear about who you want to be. Ofcourse, when she found us sticking to our ground and refusing to do what she hoped we would, her stock line was - Mainu ki ? Ja, khasma nu kha! ( What do i care, you go to hell! But the literal meaning is, What do I care, you go gobble up your husband...)

My grandmother would have turned 100 on March 1st this year.

( there is a photograph too but how do i upload it on this comment page?)

Sue said...

Sur -- That's a lovely story and of course it qualifies. I remember reading it earlier. Do you have any link to the photo? If so, you could just add that here.

Trish said...

My favorite website for knitting patterns is
Its even saved as a favorite on my toolbar.
Another one is

Drooling at the thought of a crochet necklace,made by you..:)
Do multiple entries count??? will come back with my story!

Sue said...

Trishna -- Yeah, I have no problems with multiple entries. Bring your story. I have another friend who's a big fan of ravelry.

Srin said...

I was looking at this the other day, this site makes embroidery look super simple.

mim said...

sur has to win -- i love sur

i love trish too ... she has to win too...

this contest thing must be a lot of pressure, what

Sue said...

MiM -- What, me worry?

Sue said...

Srin -- I love the site, thanks.

SUR NOTES said...

Not sure if a FB link will work,

MiM, are there any new words woven into your blog? you reclusive, exclusive thing, you!

SUR NOTES said...

Had stumbled upon the concept of Guerilla Knitting or Yarn bombing in public places some time ago. Now i do random image searches to fill my heart with delight.

Mallika Ganguly said...

Oof I love embroidery although I haven't put needles and thread to cloth in ages . I will root for Sur- lovely story

Mallika Ganguly said...

Oof I love embroidery although I haven't put needles and thread to cloth in ages . I will root for Sur- lovely story

Anonymous said...

This is something I frequently refer to -

I have recently started taking sewing classes and I am enjoying it. Slowly trying out embroidery too using the above link.My mom used to beg me to learn sewing but I didnt...she will be thrilled when I surprise her with a tote bag (my current class project). I havent yet told her about the classes :)
Nidhi, nidhi14jan (at) yahoo (dot) com

AA_Mom said...

I am challenged when it comes to creating art so would root for Sur as well

Prachi, aka Desiknitter said...

I see that Trish has already mentioned Ravelry (Trish, are you a member there? Are you a member of the South Asian Crafter group there? If not you should join! We have a Cal knitters group that meets occasionally).
Have you seen They started recently, but stock decent Turkish wool, cotton yarn and supplies.
Also, has great pure silk yarn for knitting, crochet or weaving. They hand dye them and even take custom orders, and their stuff is really good.

Prachi, aka Desiknitter said...

Okay, I just went to Trish's blog and think I recognized her from Ravelry - small world!!

Rimi said...

Sunny, my entry, if this counts. I read your post and knew exactly what I wanted to write about:

Cee Kay said...

No stories Sue. I am not the arty-crafty type :( Most of my school art projects stayed incomplete until I signed up for the SUPW class for the boys. I remember we worked on electrical circuits that year. I am sorry that I only realized in 12th grade that there was no rule barring me from attending the boys' SUPW classes. I wish I had known earlier.

I do remember that my mom used to knit at least one sweater every year for me. The 5th grade year stands out in my memory because Ma stayed up all night knitting a sweater for me which I wore to my school's annual picnic the next day. Ma had to go to work the next morning but she spent the whole night doing something for me which I would fully appreciate only years later.

You know what? I oughtta give her an extra hug tonight.

Sue said...

Sur -- Thanks!

Mallika, AA_Mom -- Noted :)

Nidhi -- That's lovely. Your mom will be very happy, I'm sure.

Prachi -- Thanks, especially for the ponycraftstore link.

Rimi -- It's perfect, thanks.

Cee -- I hope you hugged your mom. Hey, a story on electrical circuits would have been welcome.

SUR NOTES said...

Yay! Thank you thank you.... crochet and lace, these two things totally float my boat, these days... i think as i grow older i somehow want to transform into a polite, petite english lady who has her tea by the garden and bites into perfect cucumber sandwiches.

but whats the meaning of this "clearly the thing powering heard from your many supporters" ? whats random .org ? a real thing or a manner of speaking?

and also thank you to all your commenters for so sweetly urging you to give the prize to me .