Thursday, June 06, 2013

Gift #1

Rahul has a low opinion of birthday celebrations that don't give gifts to attendees, so I'm hosting a giveaway every week this month to celebrate Sunny Days turning ten. Every week Monday I'll announce what I'm giving away and you have till Friday to leave me an entry in the comments section. All prizes will be chosen through lucky draw by Rahul (if you've already won something I'm not going to enter your name for subsequent draws, sorry).

I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to give away. It had to be something I made myself, something featured here or otherwise related to the things I write about. Since I write about a lot of things, this gives me a lot of scope.
This week's giveaway is my writing itself. Whoever wins this one will get a short story crafted to their specifications, written by me, especially for them. I've only ever written stories for myself, Vicky and Rahul, so I'm quite excited about this one.

To win, please leave a comment with the link to a Sunny Days post that means something to you and please tell me why you chose that piece. It could be something you liked, objected to, remember for its associations -- any reason at all.

This particular giveaway is open till next midnight IST, Tuesday, 11 June 2013. I look forward to your comments!



Poppy wins the story. Popsicle, I'll be in touch with you. We have a story to plan!

Also, Gift #2 has been announced. Give it a shot.


Aneela Z said...

I love all your posts and want money as a return gift please

Sue said...

Aneela -- Disqualified for lack of adherence to giveaway rules. Go back to Start. :P

Poppy said...

Hmm this is tough, there are so many posts of your I like (including this thoughtful is this?)

In no particular order:
The first time we met -
For the sentiment behind it. And because I wish we could go back to that uncomplicated time!

Then this one..
Because only you would write about motherhood, about eve teasing and then about one night stands in the same nonchalant way

Ok, I'll stick to these for now..because in my old age, my memory is going. Plus if I start browsing through all your posts, I'll get caught up and won't work :)

Aneela Z said...


Anonymous said...

For me, this has to be your best post ever.

short. concise. And it opened the door to a beautiful discussion :)


Itchingtowrite said...

loved your red marker blogathon series. i had fun participating ....

Anonymous said...

Hmm, tough ask as I love far too many of your posts, but let me pick a couple..You have such a way with words and if I had not met you, I would be convinced that you are a WISE old lady, spurting out wisdom from her years of experiencing life.
It conveyed beauty for that angel child of yours so well. Short but oozing with maternal pride and had me wishing that it was a longer post.
A morbid topic, but loved your explanation and just the fact that you are discussing death with Rahul at this age. And the last line, absolute gem. In fact, I love the last line of most of your posts..

Now as to why I should win, I realised that I dont feature AT ALL in your blog. Gosh, the unmitigated gall ! That needs to be changed. I never ever win anything is another reason. And lastly, us third children are almost always neglected and it is in your hands to change that :)


mim said...

i like your blog because your name lends itself to a lot of sue jokes..

and yes i make jokes and i am v. easily amused as well... i dont necessarily wait for an audience

this was the first one i cracked about referring to sue with respect would make sooji, the halva that i love -- doesnt sound so hot now, but it was LOL when i first cracked it.

-am with aneela... actually.
- let me clamour for the slogan 'material presents are required'

ps though one is terribly fearful of aneela bearing gifts ...

dipali said...

Been browsing through your archives looking for that one little post which broke my heart and had me hooked forever:

Sue said...

Poppy -- LOL at your last line. You couldn't have paid me a nicer compliment!

Aneela -- Link+reason why

Nitya -- You (and my post) make me smile. It was a good morning, that one!

Itchy -- I couldn't have done Red Marker without you; you were a pillar of support.

Rads -- Try, try again, my child. 'Third' time lucky, don't you know. :P

MiM -- LMAO Actually, the 'Neela bearing gifts is a good sight. She feeds one well, too.

Dipali -- Wow, thank you. I'm glad I re-read that one.

AA_Mom said...

Kind of late to the party never mind. Just for FYI- I like your sari draping videos. You added one precious drop in internet to make it a wealth of information :)

Sue said...

AA Mom -- Thanks :) You could still try for this week's giveaway, if you like.

Monika said...

10 wow thats huge :)

Sue said...

Sinamon -- Yes, I'm quite excited, as you can see.