Monday, June 17, 2013

Fear in Calcutta

On Saturday morning I was telling my father about women I know being arrested on the streets for protesting against violence. He said that the times are unsafe and I should stay indoors, follow the rules. I told him, sadly, that staying safe hasn't made anything better. Things are actually worse. I wrote about this growing feeling of fear for the Violence Against Women Awareness Month last October.

I also wrote about broken windows and I stand by what I wrote. It's just that I often feel that I am taking my life in my hands just by being outside. I continue to feel this way even when we are travelling as a family, so what does that tell you?

This morning I read this and saw this. It reminded me of Kolkata Police's refusal to allow a massive Take Back the Night for Women's Day as a part of Kolkata's One Billion Rising this year. They simply refused to allow so many women on the streets even though all that was planned was singing and dancing, maybe games.

There's a protest planned tomorrow. Do you want to be there?

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