Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

S Niyogy Jr just came to my table to sign a card we'd bought a couple of weeks ago for his father.

He asked what he was to write. I said, "Dear Baba". He looked dubious so I said he could also write just "Baba". Then I asked him if he knew how to spell that, and was almost about to prompt him with "B-a" when he told me the Bengali spelling.

So the card was addressed to বাবা from আমি which is very cute.

(My ancient Mac doesn't display the Bengali font so I typed those words blind. If you can read them and they have been typed wrong, kinly scuse.)


In Bangla. I'm still rather impressed.


This is also in a large part due to my own father who has been in town for some time now. On his last visit he bought Rahul a white board (Vicky added some colourful markers) and on this visit he and Rahul write interesting things in Bangla like "dinosaurer dadur barir bhoot" or "dinosaurer bhooter barir dadu" or "dadur barir bhooter rail"... you get the idea.

The fathers in my life are all nuts but they take their fathering seriously. So here's to them.

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dipali said...

That is so sweet!!!!