Thursday, May 09, 2013

Working from Home

My work is a matter of perspective. To me, it's all work, whether I write, edit, produce or perform; whether I cook, clean, launder or mend.

According to my parents, I pick unsuitable projects that have me work unreasonable hours and neglect my family.

According to Vicky I don't have to 'work' (and that is all that I should need from him).

According to Rahul, I should "stay with him always" which pretty much means being available on tap for when he wants me. Too bad I don't do the on demand bit.

Freelancing is a mug's game. It sounds positively perfect when you're sitting bored in office, but at least life is more clear-cut in a cubicle.


Ron said...

The worst bit about freelancing is the following up for payments! Arrrrggghhh!!!

Sue said...

Ron -- Seen this?